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What is red swollen protruding dog eye to go on

Dog Medicine

What happened to the red and swollen eyes of the dog

The red and swollen eyes of the dog are considered to be the dog's third eyelid protrusion, resulting in corneal wear caused by keratitis corneal ulcer.

In view of this situation, it is recommended to first remove the dog's third eyelid protrusion or embedding treatment, and then combined with the dog's keratitis problem, give specific anti-inflammatory and corneal repair eye drops. During treatment, the dog needs to wear an Elizabeth collar at all times.

In this case, sometimes corneal problems cannot be guaranteed to be 100% repaired and cured, and there is a certain probability that eye diseases will be left. Under normal circumstances, when the symptoms of the third eyelid protrusion occur, timely surgical treatment will not wear the cornea causing keratitis and corneal ulcer symptoms.