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What is it with the dog that's always rattling

Dog Medicine

What's the matter with the dog that keeps rattling?

The dog's clattering noise is thought to be caused by a respiratory infection, but the possibility of canine distemper and canine parainfluenza cannot be ruled out because no tests have been done. If conditions permit, it is recommended to take the dog to the pet hospital for infectious disease examination, and then according to the results of the examination symptomatic treatment. If an infectious disease is diagnosed, intravenous treatment with biological agents is required.

If it is temporarily inconvenient to take the dog to the hospital for examination, then you can only choose symptomatic treatment to give the dog oral anti-inflammatory and antitussive drugs, continuous medication for 3-5 days to see if you can get relief. The dog should be kept warm and kept in a cage as much as possible.