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Did you love the Japanese of beautiful nobility? PS is added pick skill

Pet Knowledge

When Lhasa travels, see dog of a kind of Japan inadvertently, japanese . The Beijing dog that the cheek of this bub and body form follow our country is super really picture. Stem from curiosity, small make up did a few research to this bub: Present Japanese is Japanese after the Lhasa dog China and butterfly dog are copulatory and the distinctive breed of generation, dog of this kind of dog is in Japan at that time can be a noble is indicative, get lady greatly people like.

Because they are doted on by royalty noble all the time,also be, so this bub also understands the nobility of own position slowly, make their disposition becomes a little arrogant, do not like to oneself or offend angry their person, can send princess disposition all the time. Nevertheless, although this bub is hot-tempered, but exceedingly clever, when be respected when what you get it and be being approbated, it learns a thing can be very fast, can become you close " small cotton-padded jacket " .

So, to such dogs that having special temper only, what should we notice when buy? Look together.  

1, eye: The eye of Japanese big round, as orthoptic as it when, can see have in canthus only a few white. The big eye that uses bright will describe it special apt.

When buy, if this bub eye on your hand is bright, have a mind neatly, and cannot have too much gum and the symptom with aglow white. This is a kind of expression of insalubrious dog dog!

2, nose: The nose of Japanese is very short, and wider, nostril is bigger, dark wet like half black grape luster.

When buy, this bub nose that must check a businessman to be recommended to you is black and wet. Additional, with handle gently small feel nose needle, also cannot have sticky sticky feeling, otherwise the likelihood is long-term snorty dog, healthy likelihood does not have safeguard.

3, wrap around wool: The hair that if silk is general,Japanese has, the decorative pattern of black and white alternate with also lets them appear more high.

When buy, must check doggie whole body to fluctuate, look to whether have bald wool, scurfy. In the meantime, also want to turn over wool layer, see the skin whether have red appearance, prevent skin disease or outside body not helminthic exists.

4, rear: The tail root of Japanese is taller, the tail below normal circumstance coils to go up in the back. So, the ministry of root of dog dog tail of this breed, it is to won't have all round the buttock stick above.

When buy, the rear that can notice to see a doggie is clean, if some are stuck around, the specification has had the sign of have loose bowels before this dog dog, also do not suggest proceed with.

5, spirit: The young dog of Japanese , should be to compare snappy.

Fall in the condition that imposes so that inn-keeper agrees so, can amuse appropriately amuse them, see bub whether have energy, whether does the action freely neatly, this also is to covert the healthy state of dog of ground observation dog.

Although,Japanese is in on disposition arrogant, but they very " stick a person " , return particularly argute work to spill, be in a lot of places at present so is very welcome. Do not know to so only the Yan Zhi, Japan that there is temper can become everybody's favorite new target?

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