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Teach you to single bloodstock Er help this canine method

Pet Knowledge

Maerji this dog, belong to small-sized dog, it is Europe's older dog is planted, originate in Mediterranean Maltese island formerly, be called Maltese dog again so. In the Mediterranean work of art that still collects at present, often can see its figure. Of docile of Yan Zhigao, disposition it, begin from ancient time, got of many people love, often be put in arm inner tube to go out to play.

Of course, want to raise Maerji nowadays this canine person is not little also, just compare kink when choose, the Maerji that does not know how to choose blooded, health this dog. Accordingly, small make up be shared today choose a method, the hope can help everybody.

One, see hair

Of a suit softness by wool it is Maerji this marked characteristic of the dog, should observe Maerji above all so this straight, wool is qualitative smooth. Additional, maerji this hair color of the dog has pure brown of white, palm and weak yellow, good with pure Bai Wei. If hair passes too short, thick, mixed and disorderly, bend or too rare, unfavorable choose and buy.

If Maerji this canine consciousness is disturbed, catch again and again flinch the hair of oneself, aid of demonstrative horse Er this have on canine body flea, pedicular, or skin disease of sex of infection itch, fungus, eczema, bogus is hydrophobic wait. Still have, if choose when discover Maerji this the hair on canine body is rare, then it still has bald Mao Ban probably, before the decision is bought must discreet.

2, treat oral cavity

Maerji this the color of laniary bed and tongue is redder person more healthy. If be white, may be anaemic, also may be bowel the helminth inside the path or n/med having blood in one's stool (petty virus disease or ancylostostomiasis) . Remaerji this canine salivate, have oral cavity disease possibly, if ulcer of mucous membrane of stomatitis, glossitis, mouth reachs dental disease,wait.

3, see an eye

Bloodstock Er aid this the distance between canine eye is wider, color is deeper also, figure is great and round, the eye is yellow arrives brown, buff of deep yellow excel. Additional, black and nigger-brown are all round its eye, eye and eye week color have gum all round too shallow, eye, unfavorable choose and buy.

4, see nose

Maerji this canine nostril is big, bazoo is round, for dark look. The color that be like bazoo goes too, unfavorable choose and buy. Normal Maerji this the nose Duan Yingfa of young dog is black wet, if wet excessive, shed snot this kind, the likelihood is a cold. And if dry and nose end is harsh, it is calorific expression.

5, see ear

Maerji this the position of canine ear is smaller, summary prep above or keep balance at eye ministry. Ear is flagging triangle, clingy the two side in the head, bestrew grow long crest, auditive but drawing arrives nose needle. In Maerji this when canine static breath, ear is smooth stick at the head, also cannot stand when alert case. Additional, maerji this the dog shakes his head, the expression that catching ear is disease having side. And if ear is splanchnic, have peculiar smell again, the likelihood has helminth, there is scurfy likelihood to have itch worm on ear needle.

6, see whole

Bloodstock Er aid this the size of body appearance of the dog and head should become scale, choosing Maerji this dog when, should notice to observe Maerji this whether is canine body accorded with be made the same score at short and well-balanced, strong, back and waist and straight, bosom wide, limb is smallish the level that has crest. If Maerji this black of canine forelimb is short and straight, hind legs is short and husky, foot is round and much Mao Cheng, body is bent below long, waist, unfavorable choose and buy.

7, see a businessman

Suggest everybody must go normal pet shop is bought. If you believe the sky can drop pasty, spread out in roadside or buy easily without the case that sees dog dog, so the dog dog health of your place choose and buy may be put in the problem. Additional, truly healthy and high grade Maerji this canine price won't be too cheap, those 100, 200 yuan of Maerji this dog, you did not consider.

Above is Maerji this the dog chooses a method, each young associate people before be being bought, must discriminate carefully oh ~