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Do you think Ke Ji dog has bud to nod only? This ability is it is correct open way...

Pet Knowledge

Ke Ji dog, outside and lovely, having attractive electric buttock and the big eye that take beautiful pupil oneself, let many people scramble for sth. But the weakness of Ke Ji dog is not actually little also, had raised its official that shovel excrement truly only, ability experiences among them feel sad.

One, the large family that drop wool

Although the hair of a single person of Ke Ji dog is looked at,not be very long, but it is a large family that drop wool however. Its have double deck thick by wool, drop Mao Dou to be just as snowflake to fly all over the sky every time, it is to walk along where to fly to. Clean every time, if you look again the 2nd day in the morning, a wool still is on the ground. Always the place that it passes, sure stay by wool. So proposal host chooses when feed at ordinary times delicate, the food that little salt perhaps does not have salt, reduce Ke Ji dog effectively to drop wool.

2, too lively

Ke Ji dog is very lively good a kind of dog that use is planted, energy is particularly exuberant. If you do not have time, if often boxing up it, the disposition that can let it becomes particularly irratable, next it perhaps can tear open the home to abreact through turning over ash-bin oneself exuberant energy. Want to raise the sentence of Ke Ji dog so, at least takes it to go out to move two hours to waste energy in order to come up everyday, it is better to still be not raised otherwise.

3, vitreous intestines and stomach

Dog of most Ke Ji is very fat. Because they are not carried,feed, whats eat, and return very gluttonous. But its intestines and stomach is not special good, a lot of moment can be brought about because of having bad thing have vomit and diarrhea. So dog of feed Ke Ji, dietary respect must notice particularly, can choose the dog food that contains beneficial to give birth to bacterium to protect it at ordinary times " vitreous intestines and stomach " .

4, chassis is extra-low

The leg of Ke Ji dog is short, caused chassis particularly low, when going out below abdomen very easy and flyblown, if touch fluctuation wet again, more adv unimaginably. So if you have squeamish word, the hope can consider to be clear about, or, not be it cures to you clean addiction, it is you are affected by it.

5, lumbar enervated

Ke Ji dog grows because of leg short body, do not suggest to often climb stairs so, because often climb stairs particularly chilly to its whole lumbar. Especially after age became old, lumbar ageing is serious, cannot climb stairs more. Because this raises Ke Ji,the dog also is work of one individual strength, if do not have elevator, you must hold it in the arms to go upstairs to perhaps leave a floor.

6, exceeding and rambling

Go out, ke Ji dog is mistreated by you with respect to meeting resembling N is long escape euqally quickly your line of sight, call out the probability that answer to be in commonly 30% the following. The proposal is so all the officials shovelling excrement that raise Ke Ji dog, go out must pull smooth, not dye-in-the-wood cord must not loosen when holding.

Although the weakness of Ke Ji dog is not little, but once the official that shovel excrement chose it, be about to be in charge of to its lifetime, does everybody say to be opposite?