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How does cold of honoured guest dog do? Of dogginess dog came unship

Pet Knowledge

Some closer year come, the family that raises honoured guest dog is increasing, this kind of clever and clever dog dog can denounce person favor very much. Confuse dog of your honoured guest especially, volume is minor, drop wool little, do not have appreciate, suit to be raised in the city very much really.

Nevertheless, Honoured guest dogWith the mankind, once catch cold catch cold catchs a cold easily, be in especially cold winter. The honoured guest dog after the cold can become mental depressed, dejected, sneeze, wet cough, still can have a fever sometimes, at that time the appetite of dog dog can drop, if cannot get improvement for long, may cause more serious consequence.


1. is in cold season, the attention adds garment heat preservation to dog dog, prevent catch a cold, when sleeping in the evening especially, can give on dog dog lid one bed small quilt;

The wet below 2. gale is angry, do not take dog dog to go out; If dog dog outside wringing, after coming home, want wash a Wen Shuizao to it for a short while, blow subsequently dry;

3. autumn winter notices the food of dog dog, the food with too too oily, salty avoid, avoid to create burden of intestines and stomach, also cannot eat cold drinks and snacks or drink unboiled water, prevent digestion to give an issue;

4. sunshine when, the much dog that take a dog goes out to bask, maintain measurable carry momentum, can increase the strength of dog dog so, let what it is far from virus inbreak;

5. no matter cold winter intense heat of summer, insist to give dog dog to wash a face with cold water, this kind of method has surprise effect to preventing a cold.

Remedial method

1. takes children cold medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, if children is cold medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, young grain of the root of Chinese thorowax is OK, take half bags commonly enough, this property of a medicine is gentle, if a little many bits of question is not big also.

2. takes fluid of profess to convinced of double the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, with the dose with draw-out and regular injector, general every kilograms of weight requires juice of 1-1.5 milliliter profess to convinced only, direct fill enters dog dog mouth in (the speed when noticing fill to enter does not want too fast, otherwise easy choke is worn) , a day two can.

Grain of element of strange mildew of A of 3. profess to convinced, 0.1 grams / of bag the sort of, give a dog equably with a few warm water agitate, if dog dog does not wish to drink, also can feed directly with injector feed.

4. can let dog dog drink a few delicious chicken broth, this surprise to treating a cold to having effect (this method is pet of classics United States study association has confirmed) . Besides, still can feed feed a few turnips, drink boiled water of some of Jiang Shang, brown sugar, and mix in dog food appropriately some of honey.

5. falls in a few special situations, can follow the doctor's advice to use antibiotic to alleviate appropriately symptom of dog dog cold, after using antibiotic nevertheless 12 hours or so, remember letting dog dog take treasure of intestines and stomach to restore alvine path bacterium certainly group.

Above is the method of catchs a cold about honoured guest dog a few prevention and cure that the article shares, did everybody look is gains great?

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