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How heart of flange of choose and buy this pasturage dog? Configuration feature needed to remember well this at 10 o'clock

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Flange heart this pasturage dog country of origin is France and Belgian border zone, its frame is muscular, appearance looks cloddish and feral, be regarded as at first so herd bulldog and be raised by people place, nevertheless successors discover flange virtue this pasturage dog disposition is gentle and brave, affable, ju Zhongcheng at host, regard its as dog of sheperd dog, guard, procrastinate drag dog, guardianship dog, even pet dog will raise.

But when adopt, how do you know to should choose a blooded flange heart this pasturage dog? Below small make up summed up at 10 o'clock configuration feature, the hope can help great master.

1, bodily form and shoulder height

Male flange heart this the shoulder height of pasturage dog is 24.5~27.5 normally inch, the shoulder height of female dog is 23.5~26.5 normally inch, type of build or figure is relatively strong, and the figure is more well-balanced.

2, the head

Flange heart this the head feature of pasturage dog is more apparent, have beard and moustache beard, and the scale with body is harmonious; The eye presents puce, eye socket is black; Auditive position is higher, outline shows a triangle, and the scale with the head is harmonious; The nose is black, the brim presents a circle, nostril is open; The lip is relatively dry and close together joint.

3, cervical

Flange heart this of pasturage dog cervical hefty, direction of edge shoulder ministry broadens gradually, look from flank, cervical present round arch state, hold high up.

4, back

Flange heart this the back of pasturage dog is short and wide, level back a line is outspread to coxal curve, back is soft and agile, won't appear weak condition.

5, the waist

Blooded flange heart this the waist of pasturage dog is wider, and length is shorter, muscle relatively develop, abdominal meeting is mentioned up by slight ground.

6, tail

Flange heart this the tail of pasturage dog is end normally, the end that is 2~3 section is vertebral, the position of the tail is higher, meeting and end vertebra become a gleam of repeatedly, when moving at ordinary times, meeting general tail is raised high.

7, van

Flange heart this the van skeleton of pasturage dog is strong, hefty, bladebone length and length of the upper arm are roughly equal, when standing, formation point of view is more than 90 degrees slightly; Antebrachium is very straight, two arms are parallel and perpendicular at the ground; Artifice and antebrachium are shown same and linear, skeletal and solid; Sufficient claw is a circle, both neither breaks up outwards, also do not bend upcountry; Toenail is black and crural mat is thick.

8, hind drive

Flange heart this of pasturage dog hind drive skeleton is strong, hefty, the hind leg is wide and strong, the length moderate of the leg, namely not quite straight, also bend nothing more than; Sufficient claw and van are identical, also be a circle, and toenail is black.

9, by wool

Flange heart this of pasturage dog by wool it is divisional whether blooded good method, normally blooded flange heart this pasturage dog has two by wool, outer by wool coarse and mixed and disorderly, lining by Mao Xi be bored with, softness and shock. In addition, flange heart this of pasturage dog on labial moustache must compare massiness, and the beard on chin is coarser, so flange heart this the expression of pasturage dog looks can more cloddish, this also is divisional whether blooded important pattern feature.

10, gait

Flange heart this the gait of pasturage dog is to extend, of extensive, when fast trot, can maintain the stability of the body and level, additionally footmark should be onefold footmark, is not mixed and disorderly footmark.

Good, about flange heart this of pasturage dog configuration feature told here at 10 o'clock, whether did everybody understand? If the near future wants authority choose and buy heart of a flange this pasturage dog, can consult so.

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