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Lakefront straightens inedible food, of the novice you must look

Pet Knowledge

Lakefront stalk is one kind grows very much distinctive dog, the hair with curly a suit lets it look very elegant and easy, do not cross dog of this kind of dog not to see more in home, a lot of people understand its food to be used to not quite. Small today make up will share next lakefront to straighten for everybody inedible food, avoid to shovelled excrement officials to feed the thing that ought not to feed to bring about dog dog to fall ill.

1, do not drink milk to lakefront stalk, Because many milk sugar is contained in milk, and lakefront stalk has lactose to not be able to bear or endure disease, drink milk to be able to cause the symptom such as diarrhoea, dehydrate; Especially young dog cannot be drunk more, can buy pet appropriative milk powder to replace.

2, do not eat green Chinese onion or onion to lakefront stalk, Because 2 sulfide are contained inside these food, the red blood egg white that had these meetings to cause lakefront to straighten oxidizes, cause haemolysis sex anemia easily, return the marrow that can damage dog dog at the same time.

3, scarcely should eat chocolate to lakefront stalk, Because of the caffein in chocolate and cocoa alkaline meeting makes dog dog carries the hematic flow to cerebral ministry to decrease, bring about dog dog occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea, heartbeat to quicken, exceeding and excited wait for a symptom, serious when the death that can cause dog dog.

4, do not have gallinaceous duck character to lakefront stalk, Thoroughly cook especially, because gallinaceous duck bone is very fragile at that time, once can be broken off by outside force, at that time sharp acute angle is met likely the esophagus that lacerate lakefront straightens, it is even in digestive process, action of muscle of ministry of stomach of broken bone course also can appear the circumstance of piercing stomach mucous membrane.

5, do not eat unripe egg to lakefront stalk, Because give birth to the protein that there is element of a kind of white of an egg inside the egg, the absorption of dog of dog of its meeting block up to vitamin H, cause vitamin H to lack disease thereby, cause ulcer of dog dog occurrence diarrhoea, oral cavity and skin disease.

6, do not eat raw meat to lakefront stalk, Because can have the risk that contracts helminth and bacterium, and stodgy also, superfluous protein is easy also inside raw meat cause dog dog fat.

7, do not eat the food with saline overmuch portion to lakefront stalk, Come down for a long time to be able to cause dog dog to carry feed, depilate, burden of dermatosis, kidney is overweight, hypertensive wait for a problem, serious word can appear even the severe reaction such as bromatoxism.

8, do not eat overmuch animal liver to lakefront, Cause Sao of dog dogskin skin easily urticant, fat, be short of calcium to wait, serious word still can appear vitamin A is toxic.

For the health of dog dog, these knowledge above, bestow favor on advocate people must be remembered well, mastered these only, ability lets love a dog accompany you for a long time.

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