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The Finnish gundog with special status, grow so such!

Pet Knowledge

Breath out, everybody is good, bud bestows favor on summer vacation classroom to continue today begin school. In front a few classes, basically shared a few everybody to compare hep dog, for example rich beauty, Alaska, Tai Di, Hashiji, and the status of this leading role that we should discuss today is a little special, the country that it is Finland dog, english name " Finnish Spitz " , chinese name is Finnish gundog (dog of Finnish perhaps fox) .

One, the dog is planted the history

The history of fox dog is OK restrospect to thousands of years before, and before 18 centuries, finnish gundog is the activity that do not have what all the time, appear even extinct evidence. Discovered this blooded this locality dog till two hunters that come from Helsinki, they are passed a series of hard, rescued its come down. The Finnish fox dog of nowadays retained the fine quality of original fox dog, be able to reform, they are general summer follows host hunts, hide in the winter in the doghole of indoors warmth, the life is satisfied very.

2, appearance appearance feature

Finnish gundog about is exactly like a fox, integral appearance appearance is particularly lovely, fair dog has Yang Gang's energy of life and do not appear coarse, mother dog is quite effeminate and not excessive choiceness.

Eye: Almond shape, brim black, the position tilts a bit, span moderate; Canthus becomes warped up outside, color is deeper, expression is eager and alert.

Auditive: Ear tall, when be in alert status, up upend, two ear are parallel, ear needle is stretched, be located in over eye quoin, and ear is small, erect, pointed, can activity.

By wool: Finnish gundog is by wool double deck, lower level nap, short, soft and close, outer be grown by wool, hard and straight, be made an appointment with of truncal ministry by wool 2.5 ~ 5.1 centimeter long; Of the head and leg ministry close by wool weak point, the hair at the back of the wool that the tail is in and ham is longer, thicker.

Color: The color of golden red, the span that its allow is from ashen honey color arrives deep auburn differ, color is bright and clear can; Because lower level nap is hoar, this kind of tonal action makes be given off light a bit it seems that by wool, there is white spot on toe needle, advanced bosom has stain or narrow white streak.

3, body feature

Scale of Finnish gundog whole becomes square, be equal to humeral grand to arrive to coxal length from prothorax the height of the ground, fair dog is more than mother dog commonly, fair dog shoulder height is 44.5-50.8 centimeter, mother dog is 39.4-45.7 centimeter.

The head: Afterbrain ministry arrives the length of nose needle, with the width of skull ministry, scale is in 7: 4; The wool of the neck that be mixed by wool of mother dog is more more careful than fair dog, hefty; Coarse or long and narrow head and kiss are pointed, count the defect of different level.

Before human body: Humeral ministry is flabby, become 30 ° part with vertical line; The face watched the leg once upon a time, two legs are apart from medium width, parallel, straight, ancon is clingy at the body, exhibit inside both neither also exhibit nothing more than; Skeletal and strong and not massiness, always become scale with integral size of the dog.

Cervical: Hefty, well-balanced, overmuch skin ruffle is done not have below the kiss, fair dog because neck wool is much and appear the neck is short.

Bell bell, finish class cough up ~ about appearance of the history of Finnish gundog, appearance, body we tell this today, we meet class playing a part talk about the feed skill of Finnish gundog then, interested classmate but must not miss!

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