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How should the Xue Narui that looks like a young old man choose?

Pet Knowledge

Xue Narui, appearance very be exactly like young old man, also be this kind of distinctive appearance, let a lot of people liked to go up it. If you also want to raise a Xue Narui, must notice when choose so the following this " do not want 5 times " .

One, the dog with do not want the price too cheap

Everybody is going when dog city buys Xue Narui, pet shop perhaps does not want covet petty gain certainly, xue Narui the market value of dog of this kind of dog is general not low (3K above) , if inn-keeper or dog dealer mouth wants hundreds of only, so you must notice, this dog dog may be " week dog " (unless you are acquaintance) . Proposal everybody goes normal kennel is bought, it is the Xue Narui that the sort of rapid move sells additionally, also had better not want (everybody should know specific reason) . Write down sincerely, not corrupt petty gain goes!

2, not the sort of excessive and fat emaciated perhaps young dog

When master picks Xue Narui, if discover this young dog is fatter very thin perhaps, suggest to be not bought. Because fat fat Xue Narui can eat very much certainly, dog dog eats and drink too much for a long time, digest to bringing about bad, intestines and stomach can give an issue, later period is taken care of rise very not easy. The sort of emaciated snow accept luck also cannot proceed with, either having worm is taste frail, ate not to absorb nutrition, after be brought up, type of build or figure is not nice.

3, the young dog that does not have tear stains and gum

To Xue Narui young dog, their eye is clean and bright below normal circumstance. If you discover bub tear stains apparent, gum is very much, so noticed please, such snow accept luck had better not be bought. Na Ruiyou dog raises such snow take care of rise to be bothered quite, flourishing of the internal heat inside its body, belong to constitution of the sort of easy get angry, so later period you are about to prepare can of various dog food, dog and dog to cream to it, still must mix in proportion everyday hello feed, let be afraid that troublesome popular feeling is broken absolutely.

4, not brokenhearted young dog

When young dog contacts first time and snow accept luck, if bub can be active and self-confident ground goes to you, the eyes that sees a person is gentle, the tail can swing ceaselessly had tried, luck of such light snow accept is OK proceed with. Conversely, xue Narui young dog bends over it is if that is downhearted, what suggest or do not want proceed with is good. (PS: We observe young dog has Xue Narui even carefully snorty or the symptom of catch a cold. )

5, do not want too active young dog

We what said at 4 o'clock is Na Rui cannot want brokenhearted snow, so beyond the mark and active Xue Narui young dog is careful also proceed with, too lively this is not a favour. Have a lot of newlywed person metropolis choice had better be behaved among the nest, the most active that dog dog brings back the home. But gradually their conference appears all sorts of diseases, save save do not come back, because,this is those too too active Xue Narui is hit to pass certain hormone drug by dog dealer very much likely, namely above paragraphs has alluded " week dog " , it is short-term only inside look very healthy.

It is very important to there still is a bit finally, it is everybody when buy a dog, had better mix merchant bargaining is good, if later period is not,let young dog appear inside short time all sorts of illness unwell when waiting for a problem, ought to undertake refund perhaps changes dog, can avoid follow-up issue problem so.