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How to choose a Mao Geng? It is very important at 4 o'clock to master this

Pet Knowledge

Traceable of filar wool stalk 19 centuries, originate in Australian Sydney city formerly, because this is weighed by a lot of people again,be Sydney silk wool to straighten. At first, this kind of dog has in Australia and India only, but arrived 19 centuries end, people has Australia stalk and the excellent feature that York summer straightens to let this dog, undertook reform and be breedinged so. Current, it has made the enjoy dog of widely known, in home very welcome also.

Nevertheless, the family that at present home raises a Mao Geng is not much, how is very much young associate also clear about this to choose a Mao Geng so? Then small make up when to sum up pick skill, look together.

1, see the value

The price is to measure a Mao Geng's whether high grade important level. If everybody plans to raise this kind of dog, so ought to the market price case that hep silk wool straightens. Small make up understanding to arrive to go up to appear rarely in city of a few dogs at present a Mao Geng, mao Geng having silk is on the pet website of a few major nevertheless in sale, the price is 2000~2500 yuan, when everybody is bought, can serve as reference. But when if everybody is in,choosing, the price that discovers a Mao Geng is too low, so do not suggest to buy, because the price is too low, because dog dog contracts a disease,often be.

2, see configuration feature

Filar wool stalk belongs to enjoy dog, type of build or figure is short, body length appreciably is more than height, skeletal and fine. The head is stronger, submit wedge form, length is medium; The eye is very small, color is deeper, figure is similar almond shape, the color of eye socket is deeper also; Ear is smaller, show V glyph, distributing equably in the head two side, the position is higher, to establish ear; Nose is black, the tooth is orderly, to cut account occlusive. When master is picking, can consult these configuration features, if the difference is bigger, do not suggest everybody is bought.

3, look by Mao Hemao color

Be compared what filar wool straightens by wool straight, monolayer wool, luster, like silk. Grown filar wool straightens by wool longer, and distributing to go up in the head, auditive, limb, tail, down the outline prolapse of the body, but won't near the area. The other position of the body does not have wool, and these do not have wool the part should be pink. Additional, filar wool stalk is had normally by the color of wool blue and brown, blue can be Yin La, dove blue or flag is blue, brown deep and rich. When if everybody is in,choosing, discover what filar wool straightens to be notted agree with to close above level by wool, or by the color of wool not be blue is mixed brown, so belong to the dog with not sterling blood relationship, do not suggest everybody is bought.

4, see disposition

Although filar wool stalk also belongs to stalk dog kind, but differ with other stalk dog, their disposition is lively and optimistic, love play, return sometimes particularly piquant, although let it work, it also is muddle through one's work, can be done not quite attentively. But the nature field that filar wool straightens also has an advantage, friendly to the person for instance, like children all the more especially, so a few have the child's family to be able to raise this kind of dog. But when if everybody is in,choosing, discover a Mao Geng is dead, disobedient certainly, still have a bit aggressiveness, so do not suggest everybody choose and buy.

Good, above straightens about filar wool namely pick skill, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody, also wish master can pick lovely, lively, high grade filar wool stalk finally.