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Bullfight of a Si Dafu county straightens pick skill, act according to on!

Pet Knowledge

Bullfight of Si Dafu county straightens, head of ox of alias Si Dafu, Si Dafu summer straightens, it is dog of a kind of undercoat, originate in England formerly, carry husband dog cross by bullfight dog and Ma Shi and become. Do not see it bodily form power fierce, force is powerful, hefty, but won't appear cumbersome, be being bred previously use a bottle of dog technically.

As the elapse of time, the nature with bellicose stalk of bullfight of Si Dafu county chases scumble to change, had made the dog of a kind of pet of appearance of a lot of popular feeling at present. But a lot of people straighten to bullfight of Si Dafu county understanding of it doesn't matter, kink is compared when choose. So, below small make up come to everybody " on one class " .

One, see whole

Stalk of bullfight of Si Dafu county must be stocky, but the feature that cannot present a long leg, be apt to to run on the exterior, county bullfight stalk should not have blooded Sidafu this.

2, see type of build or figure

Shoulder height: 14~16 inch; Weight: Fair dog makes an appointment with 28~38 pound, bitch 24~34 pound, exceed afore-mentioned limits to be belonged to have drawback. The scale of height and body length is 1:1 about, the distance that is in to end root from equestrian shoulder grand namely and shoulder height are roughly equal.

3, ministry of sth. worth seeing or reading

Quite short, deep, the head is wide, occlusive flesh of the cheek special develop, note is brief, nose is black. Pink nose attributes flaw.

4, see an eye

Eye circle, moderate volume, black is best, but also some and wool quality are consistent; Light color and pink eye are considered as blemish, unless wool shows white all round the eye, eye can be pink.

5, see mouth

Mouth closes close together, palatine or undershot be regarded to be blemish.

6, see ear

Cut ear or do not cut ear, the ear that does not cut should short, erect or stand partly, prolapse is blemish.

7, see limb

The foreleg is straight, strong, bone circle, wrist ministry is erect, do not bend ahead. The ministry is hefty, be down in instep joint, exhibit nothing more than also not adduction. Crural size moderate, gong Du is appropriate, compact. Pace is bouncy, do not sway, not pace, otherwise joint should have a problem.

8, see a tail

Length waits in the tail, end root is low, ceaseless end, nature is flagging, bend but not curly, belong to disqualification otherwise.

9, look by wool

By wool weak point, close, the sense is good, smooth. Hair color has red, shallow cinnamon, white, black or blue; Or white brings afore-mentioned facial expression, or the streak that white carries any different rate. Palm Brown, puce is not admitted.

10, see disposition

Stalk of bullfight of Si Dafu county has inexorable quality, exceeding and clever and tough, and stalk of bullfight of Si Dafu county is friendly to the person with enthusiastic, loyal and devoted, simple minded obedient, treat children exceedingly kind and reliable, with children people when be together glad all the more, but when if you are in,choosing, discover its have aggressive word, do not suggest everybody choose and buy.

Good, above is small make up act according to the stalk of bullfight of Si Dafu county that go up to pick skill, when master picks, can consult, such OK the Sidafu that admire in the heart county bullfight stalk brings back the home!