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Plain east gundog anger rips earthy dog label, rural dog also is worth China to be loved!

Pet Knowledge

Favour of a lot of people is ab extra and blooded dog, think they are extremely precious, argute and lovely; But rural to China dog distains to be considered however, think they are done not have already " tall Yan Zhi " , also do not have " good figure " , undeserved raise. Actually, china is rural although the dog is not accorded with what the masses defines is good-looking, have however feral outside put distinct personality; Without perfect proportional body, but " working ability " conspicuous all the more. China is rural the dog is not a specific dog kind, just originate in the floorboard of a kind of dog of China formerly, small today make up be about to introduce a kind of China for everybody rural dog --Plain east gundog, it is good it is bad, you and scrutiny!

Plain east area of border district of week of water of adjacent of the eastpart part of gundog traceable Sichuan, be called again so adjacent water dog. They are brave power fierce, have aggressiveness, to master and exceeding faithfulness, this also accords with gundog feature. But going up century after 60 time, plain east the quantitative acute of gundog is decreased, till 70 time just are tried to protect successful breed, precious degree rivals national treasure giant panda. Are you also planted to this precious rare dog generated strong interest? When then we are choosing, should understanding plain east Where is the what respect of gundog?  

1, about Yan Zhi -- " we are beautiful special! 1, about Yan Zhi -- " we are beautiful special!!

Plain east gundog head is big, forehead furrow is shown two " plain " glyph or " king " glyph; The mouth Founder slightly wide, labrum prolapse makes an appointment with 1 centimeter, the tongue has black spot or piece record figure; Two ear show a triangle erect; Nose kiss is shorter; Binocular sharp, facial give a person with august, firm and persistent, doughty distinctive aesthetic feeling, rich wisdom person temperamental, as if of dog bound " veteran cadre " . By wool thick, short, rare, hard, common palm is red, deep palm, ferruginous red these a few kinds of color, look a suit healthy atmosphere, not Yan Ziwei, this kind of temperament is planted in other dog still cannot find really on the body!

2, about the figure -- " we be good at large is strong! 2, about the figure -- " we be good at large is strong!!

Plain east gundog attributes medium type of build or figure, grown dog is little a few kilograms, big 30 kilograms, shoulder height and height scale are about 1: 1; Cervical and brawny strong; Prothorax bounty, back is flat, body submits cylinder form; Two forelimb span is wider, arms and legs is able-bodied and mighty; Exhibit outside elbow; End root is thick, end is taper, erect show " bamboo shoots in spring " or " sword " form. In light of whole, plain east gundog body division of close together, spirit hale, muscle compact, be good at large is strong, calculate on the strong and handsome figure in medium-sized dog.

3, about ability -- " we are royal for use of an emperor! 3, about ability -- " we are royal for use of an emperor!!

Plain east gundog is alert delicacy of clever, smell, action abiding, bold and powerful be apt to fights nimble, endurance, in order to chase, bottle dog, view and admire, special protect a courtyard 4 big utility are celebrated, OK and easy and finish each job accurately. Admirable plain east the individual character that gundog has adamancy, full psychosis, such ability lose a bodyguard, chasing job better.

There is such account in unofficial history, kang Xi's emperor sufferred when giving palace to chase brown bear makes a surprise attack, the hour of on the verge of death or destruction, have 5 plain east gundog comes, retreat brown bear drive together, kang Xi's emperor maintained life accordingly. For recall with deep emotion these plain east the help of gundog, after Kang Xi's emperor answers palace will plain east gundog labels dog of name of royal for use of an emperor, combinative plain east the outstanding ability of gundog, such honorary nature is solid return to the name.

4, about disposition -- " we are faithful and reliable! 4, about disposition -- " we are faithful and reliable!!

Plain east gundog is brave self-confidence, clever resource, composed self-confidence, candid reliable, faithful all the more to host, have very strong feudal idea, uncompromising to fine long hair of ab extra harrass, it is a kind of dog that lets a person have safe feeling very, fierce and have degree, fierce and but domesticate, with respect to disposition, suit to have special the officials shovelling excrement of the demand that protect a courtyard.

Tips: Plain east gundog nature is feral, aggressive strong, but should hold to only " the law can be depended on, have a way but abide " , getting along with them is not tickler.

Living path: Be in plain east gundog is installed " bedroom " , " recreational hall " , " dining-room " etc, ask all activities want to be separated with the person, avoid by all means does not want He Chuandong gundog to sleep together.

Dietary law: Plain east daily repast time should secure gundog around does not exceed 20 minutes, feed wants diversification, but cannot feed the fat with adipose high content with raise.

The action that domesticate: To training plain east the principle that gundog needs to abide by is -- continuous and seasonable, reasonable arrangement is good plain east the training time of gundog and training project. Young dog postnatal 6, 7, 8 these 3 months, it is them the period with advanced nerve the rapiddest growth, also be a coach young dog chases gold period of the movement, search, chase, hold picking up these 3 kinds of projects is its chase necessarily competence.

Plain east faithful and the ability with the Yan Zhi that gundog depends on extraordinary, be good at outstanding and strong figure, outstanding large, reliable disposition establishs medium-sized gundog incincible position firmly, anger rip " earthy dog " label, powerful the ground changed people the inflexible impression of rural to China dog, proof China is rural the dog also is to be worth to be loved, a such resolute dogs, who can love?