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How is Russia south sheperd dog carried? When should the key see this

Pet Knowledge

With respect to large dog, it is awe-inspiring and superabundant more very, and lovely inadequacy. Also have exception nevertheless, want sheperd dog of saying this Russia south today for instance. This kind of dog has two relatively striking features, one is bodily form very tremendous, arrive greatly what degree? Say none exaggeratively, it is very normal to grow 90 centimeters namely, be worthy of is action people, the dog that raises repeatedly is OK such young tiger bold; Another is hair very exuberant, brushy, very lovely.

Nevertheless, as a result of its now on the amount relatively exiguous, raise a requirement opposite also taller, not be very common on whole so, but the to this kind of dog discussion on the net is more still, many people hold certain feed interest to its, it is suffer from does not know how to should choose only, to these people, below choose a guideline to be able to want to had closed.

One, see a figure

Russia south sheperd dog, normal for height is to be able to achieve 65~90 centimeter between, weight also can achieve 55~75 kilogram, a lot of large dogs do not calculate possibly before it big. Of course, everybody should pick young dog, so the key depends on bone content and sarcous developing degree, too frail cannot assure later period can growth is normal. Its bladebone is more apparent, but not tall. Back straight strong, although the waist is short, but broad, fruity, bosom is very broad also, abdominal meeting has go up apparently the liability that accept. That is to say, it is to have a place on whole of Russia south sheperd dog " wide " , the many observation when choosing observes.

2, ministry of sth. worth seeing or reading

The head of Russia south sheperd dog slants long and thin, forehead is measurable and broad, the occipital is relatively apparent. Nose black big. Dental whiteness, bulky, mandible is OK on of special and close together jackknife, it is below normal circumstance cut account occlusive, appear other condition may contain the drawback of a bit. Compare with its enormous body photograph, ear is relatively lesser, belong to the triangle of standard of comparison, suspension is in two side, perpendicular side has a problem. The eye is elliptic, black, the hair that is gotten on easily by the face obscures, can feel a bit small occasionally so, but it is OK that actually dimension still calculates.

3, see gait

Whole arms and legs is sturdier, after all constitution there. Van is straightforward, lower limbs should grow relatively a bit. Hind human body is rounder, instep joint is flagging and good, hefty. When erect when, from any angle observation, zhi bone and ground become right angle. Sufficient claw is elliptic, strong and thick, show nature vaulted. The gait of this kind of dog is natural, the trot that is a kind of strong volume and fleet. In ran, one has slight astringent, tie gait and slight limbs motion are transverse deviation is blemish.

4, see hair

Be grown to be able to achieve 10~15cm commonly by wool, and very thick. The density be mixinged by wool length of ministry of the head, bosom, leg and tail is basic and identical, have the bottom hair that develop. By hair color it is white normally, but also have yellow Bai Hua, straw color, gray (hoar) or the gray of other depth, gray or color having ash of spot piece individual and general the spot that has white piece, want to notice all the more when choose.

Russia south sheperd dog goes up in disposition part is chill, take arrogant temperament of a few minutes oneself, strong delicacy, brave and vigilant, have to other dog control desire, need strict and appropriate training. To resembling such dog, young associate wants to bring back the home?