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Novice how does the choose and buy search hematic gundog? Contrast these 7 features go!

Pet Knowledge

The gundog that search blood is accepted track a Great Master, it special the little taste in be good at taking air, and staying power is durable, because this is mixed by the soldiers and police of a lot of places,security branch training becomes working dog.

Besides tracking ability outstandingly, disposition of the gundog that search blood is gentle, obedient the gender is tall, so a lot of families also are willing to raise this kind of dog. Regrettablly is, the gundog that search blood is in domestic amount is very exiguous, very few somebody understands it, so everybody is in choose and buy when touch thunder particularly easily. To help great master, small make up for each enumerate a few features of the gundog that search blood, when master picks, can look to attending.

1, bodily form

Height of the general and male gundog that search blood is 63-69 centimeter, weight is 41-50 kilogram; And female searchs hematic gundog height to be 58-63 centimeter, weight is 36-45 kilogram, no matter be,still be inadequacy calculates disqualification more than.

2, the head

The head of the gundog that search blood with a sterling blood relationship has the following feature: The head sees special stricture from the front, and look from flank criterion special expanse; The eye is shown elliptic and deep-set into eye socket in the center, tonal agree with hair color, arrive from ecru between yellow change (among them the eye of ecru is optimal) ; Nose is broad and develop, lubricious or color darkly is Brown (if different color is disqualification) ; Auditive position is small, feel thin and soft, and naturally is flagging; Tooth in order to cut account occlusive for optimal, the level bites a stage to be able to be accepted (other is occlusive it is disqualification) .

3, truncal

Of the high grade gundog that search blood cervical and longer, and muscle feels very inattentive, if observing carefully, still can see flesh of double deck go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married (female may be not quite apparent) ; Back and waist are very able-bodied; Bosom is very broad; Tail position is quite high, having hair of quite a few; Still a bit also want to let everybody know, its hind back muscle is very strong.

4, limb

Choose the limb that should notice to observe it when the gundog that search blood: Whether does the muscle that watchs its limb develop; Sole structure is strong (break up upcountry or be no good to evaginate oh) ; Whether does instep joint bend appropriately, be down outspread become right angle with the body.

5, gait

When the gundog that search blood moves, active and optional, the tail is raised high, if contrary word, calculate disqualification.

6, hair color

If you are taken a fancy to Mao Wei of back of the gundog that search blood is black Brown, auburn or gules, can put a person's mind to raise, of course it still can have other color, but best still is above 3 kinds.

7, spirit

When choose, choose strong health, essence to enrage a god as far as possible good, action is quick and the gundog searching blood that the eye has a mind. And the sort of disgruntled looking, downhearted, the likelihood is put in the problem, do not suggest to buy.

Will choose the gundog that search blood according to above feature, so you can be reduced greatly by the odds of hole, the ability that suits oneself of course is good, not certain and blooded appropriate, do not have an insatiable desire for petty gain additionally.