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If why choose the elite in the dog in dog of numerous Tai Di? Veteran so anthology

Pet Knowledge

General dog city or the dog abandons the dog dog that Mai Taidi dog is same nest to sell together, common saying says: "Long Shengjiu child, 9 child differ " , although be the same as father with the mother, but the characteristics of this brood of Tai Di also is each are not identical. So, we this how from inside numerous dog dog, pick a that elite dog? The person that has experience actually is so those who choose.

The first pace: Piercing eye knows breed

This one pace very foundation, that chooses Tai Di in you namely before, want to know this brood of young dog is Tai Di above all, after all also many businessmen can take colored to compare Xiong Lai be there just to make up the number. So you must understand the feature that understands Tai Di more, such ability are not cheated by the businessman.

The 2nd pace: Close quarters observes young dog

When everybody is buying Tai Di, can watch observation with close quarters, the psychosis that basically sees this dog dog namely how, do not love to move to those, give person disease the young dog that weak and weary through illness feels, everybody still did not choose. Had better be to choose those spirit to enliven, binocular the young dog that has a mind!

The 3rd pace: Come with dog dog a close handclasp

Mix from the limb of young dog commonly of claw be spent lustily and on bone quantity, we can expect a future of this dog dog to grow quite haly probably (the influencing factor except of later period feed oh) . Nice Tai Di arms and legs should be slender, and move of very strong volume, if claw of this young dog is wider strong, this is not blooded Tai Di likely!

The 4th pace: Optional ground is called

Can leave dog dog a few distances, stand to call that brood of doggie beyond next, look between same nest, which dog dog most react first come over, and be willing most be close to with you, so this doggie can consider to choose! Conversely, if be opposite of your be indifferent to sth, that still was not chosen.

The 5th pace: Be opposite intimately inspect

Hold small Tai Di in the arms rise, make the same score with it inspect, this practice can understand the nature of dog dog probably. If the small Tai Di in the hand struggles not at all, placing a tail to look at you, so the disposition affirmation of this dog dog is more cowardly and cowardly; If it keeps struggling all the time, still try to bite you, so strength affirms firm intense. The individual suggests or choose a disposition docile but not cowardly young dog, raise more easily to the novice so.

The 6th pace: The temptation of cate

When buy Tai Di, you yourself can take a few small sock, go enticing those bub, see them be opposite alimental desire how. If appetite is not very good, do not suggest to buy, because of young dog inappetence, showing this dog dog is not to fall ill, have other namely what problem. Those still choose to be able to eat the bub that can run when buying.

After a series of assessment end, when the Tai Di dog with choose good when everybody brings back the home, this does not represent success, young dog first time brings back the home or the note that having a lot of, these content let us issue first phase to be shared then!