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How to pick dog of a boxer? Basically see these a few sides

Pet Knowledge

Boxer dog is a kind of medium-sized dog, traceable the Germany of 19 centuries, belong to mastiff dog to plant dog. With it the name of bully gas is same, The constitution of boxer dogIt is stronger, and quick on the trigger, nimble, be in so mediaeval, hunters often atttack bison, boar and deer with boxer dog. Nevertheless now, boxer dog has been used at catching hunt no longer, serve as partner dog to be raised by place of a lot of families however. At present nevertheless boxer dog still is done not have in home gain ground, is very much young associate not so clear how to pick dog of a boxer? So below look together.

1, see the value

Because at present boxer dog does not gain ground in home, in a few dogs so city can see boxer dog rarely. Nevertheless this also is not represented at present home is not bought, according to small make up understanding, go up in the pet website of a few majors or boxer dog has sale, and its regular price is controlled for 2000 yuan, the boxer dog with better blood relationship, its price is controlled in 3000 yuan about. Everybody is when the choose and buy, can consult this price, if the price is too low, do not suggest everybody is bought. If the price is exorbitant, the blood relationship that wants dog seeing a dog then is sterling. If blood relationship is sterling, can consider to buy, of course the economic capacity that treats everybody even.

2, see type of build or figure

If everybody wants to pick dog of a boxer young dog, can pass so examine boxer dog the bodily form of young dog parents is eligible, decide thereby boxer dog whether is young dog a high grade dog. Normally the height of boxer dog is in 53~64 centimeter between, weight is in 25~35 kilogram between, its are fair dog do not answer under standard height, mother dog do not answer height of prep above standard.

3, see appearance feature

The head of boxer dog is square Founder appearance, ear has stand ear and lop-eared two kinds of configuration, mouth expanse, the color of nose is black, the eye is puce, size moderate, both neither is outstanding also do not cave. The foreleg is longer, muscle special also develop, when station of the rear foot rises, the foreleg is just as go out to extension forward like boxing, because this gets a boxer dog. When master is picking, need satisfies the appearance feature of above, if the difference is bigger, may be the dog that mix blood, do not suggest everybody is bought.

4, look by wool

Of boxer dog by wool it is shorter, and rich burnish, feel a sense with the hand very suitable slippery. Its are waited for for color of cinnamon, cream-colored and black by the hair color of wool a variety of onefold wool are lubricious, wind has white streak, the area does not exceed the whole body by 1/3 of wool. When if everybody is in,choosing, discover boxer dog by hair color it is to mix the area of grain of lubricious white perhaps splash to exceed the whole body by 1/3 of wool, so do not suggest everybody is bought.

5, treat healthy condition

A healthy boxer dog is more lively, the eye sees sharp, nose is cool and wet, and do not have secretion. The body of dog dog has trifling taste, but without the stink, and excrete a frequency dailily be 1~6 second. When if everybody is in,choosing, discover the eyes slack of dog dog, there is secretion in the eye, or nose often snorty, do not suggest everybody is bought.

6, see disposition

Do not watch boxer canine power is fierce fierce appearance, but actually its disposition is very composed, won't informal chaos cries, and more affable also to the person. Besides these, it also is more mischievous, if do not have a toy, so it can mix the shoe in the home a few articles for daily use regard as toy, use amuse oneself. Choose when everybody so when, the disposition that discovers dog dog is more depressing aggressive perhaps stronger, do not suggest everybody is bought.

Good, above is about boxer dog choose a method, is everybody clear about? If near future plan raises everybody dog of a boxer, that mights as well try above choose a method.