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Want to buy satisfactory autumn cropland dog, do not see these skill how go?

Pet Knowledge

Autumn cropland dogCan say the net red dog that is be worthy of the name, very few somebody does not know it. And, its glamour also is to not have can keep out, special get official of broad shovel excrement love.

Nevertheless, because,also be famous degree tall, The social status of autumn cropland dogAlso rising ceaselessly. Nowadays, a common autumn cropland dog is close friends thousands of, taste be on intimate terms should get on 10 thousand even. So, very much undesirable businessman is met shoddy will cheat customer. For this, small today the little skill that writes preparation to share dogs of a few cropland of autumn of choose and buy to everybody, the hope can help everybody succeed " avoid hole " ~

1. standard

The height of autumn cropland dog and weight should accord with a standard: The height of general male is 66 ~ 77 centimeters, weight is 34 ~ 75 kilogram; The height of female is 61 ~ 66 centimeters, weight is 35 ~ 75 kilogram. Data crosses a serious offence small unsuited (Ps: Have not of full-fledged doggie can relax moderately requirement) .

2. eye

The eye of autumn cropland dog should lesser, look like a triangle, color is puce. If the eye is too big, or color is lighter, that is disqualification.

3. rhinioscope

The rhinioscope of autumn cropland dog should be wider, and color is black (Ps: Dog of white autumn cropland is liver lubricious rhinioscope) . If discover dog dog is butterfly bazoo, or rhinioscope lacks pigment, it is disqualification.

4. lip

The lip of autumn cropland dog should be black, and no less than hanging down, the tongue is pink, the tooth is occlusive and good make cut account occlusive, clamp shape is occlusive also can accept. But if discover occlusive or striking undershot pattern is overshot type is occlusive, have a problem on behalf of dog dog.

5. ear

The ear of autumn cropland dog should erect, integral appearance is a triangle, ear is pointed summary circle, but ear root slightly wide. If auditive figure is incorrect, or monolith is too great, this dog is disqualification.

6. body

The body of autumn cropland dog should be wider, and flesh of chest muscle, waist develops solid, the skin is complaisant not flabby however. If discover the bone of dog dog measures inadequacy, body is fine, it is disqualification.

7. by wool

Autumn cropland dog is having double deck by wool, superstratum hair should be a bit long and slightly thick, lower level nap is a bit thick and close. Color is color of grain of white, tiger or motley fleck to wait commonly, if discover any place of dog dog appear a shape crest, it is disqualification.

8. certificate

Before buying, want to notice to examine the relevant certificate of dog dog. For instance certificate of studbook, check-up, vaccine injects certificate. In addition, still need to sign deal agreement with the businessman, in order to make sure oneself rights and interests does not suffer enroach on.

If you are bought dog dog had afore-mentioned requirements, that can make sure it is taste only good, the autumn cropland dog with sterling blood relationship; Of course, want its health to grow, master be being raised meticulously also is little not. Finally, display the on a few small Tips that raise Qiu Tian dog again:

The autumn cropland dog that 1. buys the home newly does not bathe inside a week;

If 2. is bought is young dog, need eats much food less, avoid by all means is fed too fully;

If 3. discovers dog dog falls ill, must send medical service in time, avoid by all means holds the fluky mentality of meeting self-healing.