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The Pekinese with changeful expression, how do we choose commonly?

Pet Knowledge

PekineseAs old Oriental dog is planted, all the time since get of compatriots love. It is clever obedient, affection is rich, it is very faithful partner dog. Pekinese spreads all over the whole world nowadays, not little even royal family also is favorite to it have add. The tube that is to wanting to raise a small-sized dog beside people, pekinese is a right choice, even if is the novice also can regard the first his as it " small lovely " raise. So to Pekinese choose, what should everybody notice again?

One, figure feature

1, bodily form

Its ideal height should be 25-28 centimeter, weight is 6-8 kilogram, whole figure scale is relatively well-balanced. Although be small-sized dog,plant, but the body is small strong. Cervical show slight vaulted, brawny, its length is enough make a head can arrogant hold high. The back is short, carry line level on the back. The body is short and fat, the bosom is wide and costal dilate is good. When choosing commonly, can understand the muscle content of dog dog through touching the way of the body, a bit haler had better.

2, eye

Eye color is very deep, basically be black, and very big, outstanding and marked. Appearance is shown bulbiform, be full of in a pair of big eyes of bright unruffled with longing. Eyeball special luster, passion is full of when excitement. Pekinese is to won't appear of almond eye, when choosing, should take care a bit. Additional, choose the dog with bright eyes as far as possible, character is opposite better.

3, auditive

The ear of Pekinese is petty, what softness must resemble black is velvet. Basically have two kinds of kinds: Rose ear and button ear, former small and flagging, can mix up backward fold in order to show burr; Latter criterion will be forward fold, ear needle is clingy skull, enclothe earhole, point to an eye. Sheet comes from character say, button ear should be close friends than rose ear a few, but when choosing, can choose according to freedom of oneself be fond of, without what problem.

4, mouth

Mouth also is the characteristic place of Pekinese, integral characteristic is short, blunt, quadrate, do not go up become warped, be down slightly dash forward. The front tooth on wide mandible is arranged orderly, become a line almost. Occlusive should be gentle undershot style occlusive, the tongue can be licked up only. If appear,the mouth, tooth or glossal twist are disqualification.

5, by wool

By wool weak point, flowing and soft and luster. Color has color of argent, apricot yellow or black. Argent or apricot yellow color should be clear, as intense as fleck of other facial expression and face color contrast, striped outline is clear. The lozenge spot of spot of ministry of muzzle, face, auditive, auditive edge, big toe, forelimb and back fleck are black basically. Normal Pekinese accords with these features, can have trifling difference, when choosing, can compare seriously be opposite one time.

6, limb

Moderate of van leg length, straight thick, look from flank, how is elbow directly below shoulder. Hind human body is likewise brawny, strength is very, hind moderate of knee joint angle, flying section is vertical at the ground. Look from the back, two legs are mutual and parallel, hind human body and before human body balance. Plump and ham and hip are hefty. Both neither of around sufficient claw is sufficient like hare long in that way, also unlike cat is sufficient round in that way. Toe parts appropriately, black toenail, walk along a road to resemble boxer, the gait of dog of OK and advertent dog when choosing.

2, disposition characteristic

Pekinese sagacity, lively, love and person are affectionate frolic, disposition tenderness is considerate, still like to do all sorts of lovely expression to denounce master favor, fear a bit alone, like the company of somebody or other puppy, the partner dog that raises as the home is very competent. Besides, love clean characteristic, also add cent for it many.

The big eye of Pekinese deserves to go up is cockle completely is facial, make it becomes expression to wrap the frequenter that go up, feed rises special cure, favorite young associate can not want to miss!