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How to pick dog of Chinese sanded skin? What note is there before buying?

Pet Knowledge

Dog of Chinese sanded skin originates in the Hai Dali austral Chinese Guangdong to press down one belt formerly, it is a dog that has the history quite kind. According to historical data account, about Chinese generation appeared sanded skin dog. Nevertheless, dog of original sand skin just is regarded as to fight dog, gundog and be raised by people place. But to later, course of sanded skin dog is bred meticulously and reform, had made the partner dog that a lot of families raise. However, small make up also discover, how doesn't very much young associate know to pick dog of Chinese sanded skin actually? Irrespective, let next small make up everybody to tell.

1, see the value

Normally the price of sanded skin dog is in 2000~3000 or so yuan, but particular value can fluctuate somewhat, main reason is the sanded skin dog because of different character, blood relationship, size, its price is different. And, because of consumption level different, the sanded skin dog of different area sale, the price also is different. Nevertheless, needing an attention is, when if everybody is in,choosing, the value that discovers sanded skin dog is very cheap, do not suggest everybody is bought so, alleged a minute of money a minute of goods, the price is too low, it is defective dog for certain.

2, see appearance feature

The appearance feature of dog of blooded sand skin should accord with these standards: The head is bigger, have the figure of bit of similar hippo it seems that; Auditive and lesser and thin, the brim relatively bend, ear needle is a bit round; The eye is lesser, figure is similar triangle, color is deeper; Nose bounty, the nose is black. When if everybody is in,picking sanded skin dog, saw do not accord with the dog of above feature, do not suggest everybody is bought.

3, look by Mao Hemao color

Of sanded skin dog hard by wool weak point, feel is rougher, the sand paper that similar burnish uses. It is by the color of wool simple look or marten color, for example pure black, pure gray is waited a moment, won't appear mix scene, won't appear more white stain. When if everybody is in,choosing, the sanded skin dog that discovery mixes scene perhaps contains the sanded skin dog of stain, belong to the dog with not sterling blood relationship, do not suggest everybody is bought.

4, see disposition

The expression of sanded skin dog is bluer it seems that, and have kind of feeling that is full of piteous, dignified. But actually, the disposition of sanded skin dog is special piquant and optimistic, lively, amused, it not only quick-witted and clever, and very affable also to the person, particularly faithful to host, also like and children an amuse oneself. When so master is picking, if discover the disposition of dog dog is more depressing, dead, aggressive perhaps stronger, belong to disposition defective dog, do not suggest everybody is bought.

Good, above is about dog of Chinese sanded skin pick skill, hope the article can be helped somewhat to everybody. Finally, the sanded skin dog that also wishs everybody young associate can choose him satisfaction oh ~