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Weiersi stimulates high jump Wangzhe everybody comes to flying gundog understand

Pet Knowledge

Weiersi stimulates flying gundog renown Cambria jumps gundog, this fellow is a very old breed. In 16 centuries when, nobles like to hunt, the hunter with the person average discovery that often chases in bush is met below such environment the line of sight that be obstructed by high a thick growth of grass, undertake prey very hard track. It is OK in bush that so people is badly in need of the gundog that moves back and forth neatly! Then, cambria jumps gundog is bred so.

Seeing this bub is not very lofty, but their bouncing ability is first-rate, can jump to jump in dense bush, and be not affected, very get at that time shooter people liked ~ to arrive however today when now, caught hunt to had been prohibited by institute of a lot of states, so Cambria jumps gundog also slowly " come off sentry duty " , blended in urbanism gradually in the center, made an eligible domestic partner dog.

So, when choosing dog of this kind of dog to regard a spouse as the dog, what should we notice? Look together!

1, body: Choosing Cambria to jump gundog young dog when, should choose those body length to be more than height as far as possible, the waist wants a few finer, the back wants an old unit of length for measuring land, muscle should develop. Because to gundog, this is they are inherent a kind of character. The dog can be caught appropriately when picking a dog namely next child the fur that goes up personally, cannot aether is loose, the sort of skin is clingy flesh but not be very poor young dog for top grade.

2, limb: Limb should bear fruit, run when moving, should appear lightsome, after all Cambria jumps gundog runs in bush bouncing, won't get block up.

3, tooth: Jump to Cambria for gundog, basically exceed the dog of 2 months, can whiteness is like jade the tooth, if you discover this bub on your hand has fleshy red tooth or tooth root, suggest not to choose, such young dog may not be very healthy!

4, eye: The eye won't be particularly round, the color of eyeball is puce commonly medium perhaps and Brown, and see the person's eyes very won't fierce. The eyeball of the sort of yellow attributes serious flaw, suggest everybody does not buy ~

5, auditive: Good Cambria jumps some resemble the auditive figure of gundog grape leaf, ear is not especially other big, to gundog, influence of auditive and special plenary meeting chases to theirs the effect. The sort of just cover the size of eye forward position can, if exceed too much, be blemish.

6, color: Color can be rich red and white only. Any design styles are OK. If appear one individual color, so this dog dog is strung together probably planted!

Cambria jumps gundog is very agile dog, but to stranger they are likewise vigilant, withhold somewhat, won't resemble golden wool, 2 ha see who is enthusiastic in that way. But they also won't recreant, shy or appear chilly, it is very good to belong to a kind the dog that get along. If near future of the official that shovel excrement thinks those who buy dog dog, this Cambria jumps gundog is a right choice!