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More astute than the fox smooth wool fox-hunt straightens, how should choose?

Pet Knowledge

As the promotion of standard of living, more and more people begin to like to raise pet dog. These year, the dog dog breed in circle of author dog friend also is multifarious, all sorts of curious dog dogs begin to appear in the broad Guan Jiazhong that shovel excrement.

Cite a case, before paragraph time author sees the smooth wool fox-hunt that did not admit however straightens, let oneself be mocked well one time by the good friend inside the circle. Because, when seeing this dog dog for the first time, the author still thinks is China rural dog, with a ha breath out (feel deeply ashamed, generation illustrious name is destroyed at once ~ ) !

Later, the author consulted a lot of straighten about making the same score wool fox-hunt " personal details " , also summed up the notes of a few choose and buy about this dog dog to everybody, when the hope wants to buy it after everybody, use get.

Smooth wool fox-hunt straightens, the earliest origin is OK restrospect to the England of 19 centuries, the birth of dog of this kind of dog basically is to make do the fox is mixed a few puppy that eat crop stealthily. So clever and bright they are in at that time, be loved by a lot of farmer, this breed also begins slowly famous rise!

And to a such argute bub, the author also did a grading to them (offer reference only) :

1, intelligence quotient index: 9 minutes; Dog of this kind of dog is very clever, had not fought even the fox them, can be imagined this intelligence quotient should arrive high why to be planted degree.

2, disposition index: 8 minutes; They prefer independent ego, like to be dominated not quite so, the reflection that has oneself means.

3, obedient index: 8 minutes; Although disposition is independent, but very faithful to oneself host.

4, what require patient index: 8 minutes; Energy too too exuberant, need has a large number of time to accompany use up, so office worker does not suit a little.

Next, give pair of smooth Mao Lie the friend that Hu Geng is interested in again, the attention that introduces a choose and buy nods:

1, bodily form: The height of stalk of smooth wool fox-hunt of average level won't exceed 39cm, body length is controlled in 30cm, the dimension of bitch may appreciably slants a few smaller, but also won't differ too much, taste otherwise do not calculate good.

2, head: Head evenness, mouth is long and narrow, the individual's feeling resembles the acute angle triangle of 30 degrees of horn. But those who need an attention is, although facial ministry outline arrives from the eye,smooth wool fox-hunt straightens muzzle taper off, and show slightly with forehead joint tilt, but either " dish " the part is down suddenly before face or eye, however plumper peace is straight, won't resemble elaborate carve " chock " .

3, eye: This fellow is small eye, the eye of approximate circle is full of enthusiasm and bright eyes. So choose and buy when, can mix it is orthoptic, if dog dog is bashful the ground is evasive, the disposition of this dog dog has the possibility some of small flaw.

4, hair color: Stalk of common smooth wool fox-hunt is white body commonly, black head. Nevertheless, also can appear now there is black on a few bodies the breed of brown perhaps stain, also be in that way inside acceptable range.

5, limb: Because love sport, the limb skeleton that smooth wool fox-hunt straightens should be strong and strong, the muscle of the hind leg develops quite. When choosing, everybody can try to hold in the arms rise, let it stand to go up in its leg, feel its leg ministry power. The sort of soft bend over the dog dog that bend over did not choose!

6, vaccinal circumstance: Clear smooth Mao Lie must ask when buy whether Hu Geng had injected vaccinal, can ask the dog is abandoned or businessman those who issue inject vaccine is relevant the card that register. Because, the young dog that smooth wool fox-hunt straightens falls ill very easily, vaccine must have been hit, such ability reduce his follow-up trouble.

Was opposite, stalk of smooth wool fox-hunt likes to play game particularly, collect a ball, hold frisbee, long-distance pleasure trip on foot... the official shovelling excrement with so enough time mights as well some more floriferous time takes bub to go out, such can well promotional the feeling between you and tacit understanding oh ~