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Ji of secret of all corners of the country pulls Buladuo to search a dog to pick skill

Pet Knowledge

Does everybody have had looked " is divine dog little 7 " this teleplay? The leading role of teleplay is minor 7 be very outstandingLabuladuo searchs a dog. As a result of small the 7 wonderful performances in teleplay, very much young associate shout is worn should raise a Labuladuo. However, the Labuladuo that wants to buy to taste be on intimate terms dog, still need to had done enough homework! An old fellow like me chooses secret Ji with respect to the Labuladuo collect carefully for a long time today given everybody, the Guan Ke shovelling excrement that plans to raise Labuladuo should look careful oh!

One, see color

Generally speaking, pulling the color that pull basically is He Qiaoke of yellow, black force quality; To chocolate is pulled lubriciously, before the bosom if have a small Bai Mao, also be OK then (of this kind of color pull pull very scarce, so the price compares on the high side) ; Maize Lalaru appears if really weak creamy, this also allows; And the sort of completely black Lalaru has white hair before fruit bosom, also can accept! As to the collocation of other facial expression, can think blood relationship is not quite sterling basically truly!

2, see fur

Labuladuo belongs to undercoat gundog, the fur that goes up personally is very short, but very shock, go feeling with the hand, can have a kind of hard feeling. The hair of back can appear shape of a few wave, this also is inside limit! But if the fur on the body appears many curl, that has string of planted suspicion, everybody is bought cautiously.

Pull although be undercoat dog,pull, but if nutrition does not follow to go up, depilate very easily. So at ordinary times feed when, can give a dog more child have a few things that contain fish oil of crude of great capacity, perhaps join in dog food a few more miscellaneous ripe yoke. Next, be in namely of later period in raising, eat to Labuladuo more a few contain the food with calcic, fast lecithin, such meetings let dog dog be in growing process, hair is more and more beautiful beautiful.

3, see Yan Zhi

1, the head: Head slightly a few bigger, whole creditable department is triangular shape. If this Labuladuo before you the head is small perhaps become a bit square-faced, suggest or did not choose, this is pulled pull was brought up Yan Zhi won't be too tall, and blood relationship also much won't purer.

2, eye: Labuladuo's eye is smaller, pull bloodedly pull in orthoptic ahead when, won't white is shown, so each official that shovel excrement can try and dog dog is orthoptic, treat the condition of their white.

3, auditive: Labuladuo's ear cannot too big, they are not Ba Ji spends a dog the sort of big ear, too big ear is pulled to pulling for be blemish. Draw an ear, can firm firm good Fu covers draw the eye forward position that draw with respect to OK, do not exceed too much.

4, mouth: After be brought up to prevent pull tug the dog that makes a pointed mouth, when choosing young dog, had better handhold with the hand its mouth, mouth jumps over thick dog whelp, grown the following mouth will be wider, such tasting it is better to encounter!

5, nose: Normal for pulling the nose that pull can be black, some chocolate are lubricious also go. If merchant gives what you recommend nose of a pink to pull, after saying, grow long black, that cannot want absolutely, of pink nose pull pulling is the breed with serious disqualification.

6, claw: Very naturally furl, is not diffuse, labuladuo is having lovely beetle-crusher claw, have between toe like the duck in that way web, after all the family is to should enter the water of the job.

Above is a few experience that choose to Labuladuo, choose those who taste be on intimate terms to pull of course pulling is the first pace only, later period pulls to pulling raising also is very important. Pull pull a common fault loves wool namely, so scarcely can be fed feed contain the food with salt, big oil content. Can choose a few better natural dog food, now and then it is OK to feed a few vegetables and flesh of pigeon breast chest!