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Beg sand picks skill than overcoming gundog, had closed!

Pet Knowledge

Beg sand compares gram gundog, the name cuts Sa skin to overcome bay to search a dog, traceable England, appearance is not very conspicuous, but their working capability is very strong, often catch hunt waterfowl in very unfavorable climate and underwater before, it is a kind of very outstanding water gundog, suffer people to like fully so.

Nevertheless, the family that raises beg sand to compare gram gundog in home at present is less, a lot of people do not know how to choose a blooded beg to compare gram gundog dene, so small today make up from the following 8 respects, introduce beg sand to compare those who overcome gundog to pick skill to old furniture body.

One, see type of build or figure

Shoulder height: Male shoulder height makes an appointment with 23~26 inch, female shoulder height makes an appointment with 21~24 inch; Weight: Male is 65~80 pound about, female is 55~70 pound about; Prep above upper limit or attribute serious flaw under floor level.

2, ministry of sth. worth seeing or reading

Beg sand compares the head feature that captures gundog: Eye -- moderate volume, special clarity is bright and limpid, yellow or flaxen, the perspective is broad; Auditive -- lesser, flabby prolapse; Skull -- wide and round, moderate volume, small flat-roofed; Nose -- medium accident; Buccal nose ministry -- wait approximately long at skull, taper off, become pointed, but not acerb. The lip is thin, but no less than hanging down; Occlusive -- fluctuation tine shows perfect shears type is occlusive, but planar type is occlusive also can accept, occlusive be not being rectified do not accord with a standard.

3, look by wool

Short by bushiness, length should not exceed 3.8 centimeters, contain the bottom wool with grumous, exquisite, qualitative abb, facial with limb hair short and straight, only double shoulder, cervical, back and lumbar hair assume curly position, it is concessional that human body back and rear have measurable hair after. Be coiled by wool all over music or having curly tendency do not accord with a standard.

4, see color

Beg sand must be close to the environment that it works as far as possible than overcoming the color of gundog, color of Brown, moss or withered careless expression allow, self-colored beg sand compares gram gundog is first selection, without which kinds of color particularly outstanding. At the back of bosom, abdomen, toe, sufficient claw (above crural mat) occurrence white stain allows, but stain Yue Xiaoyue is good, simple look is first selection.

Disqualification: Black; Mix besides bosom, abdomen, toe at the back of sufficient claw beyond, appear anyplace in the body white belongs to disqualification.

5, the drive after looking

Hind human body should be very powerful, so that enough driving force is provided when swim. Length waits in hind legs, submit straight form, show in good condition bone Qia and muscle. Knee joint -- present proper point of view. Answering to the distance of the ground from instep joint is medium length. When from canine put oneself in another's position before or when the dog observing after body, hind legs is straight it seems that. If have wolf claw must take out, on hind legs with wolf claw do not accord with a standard.

6, see a tail

Medium length, moderate of quality of work of end root department. Tail straight or appreciably bends, but anything but can curly rearward, or sideways kink.

7, see gait

Gait is smooth, free, give a person a kind of energetic, energized impression. Observe from the side when us when, have a proper bodily form, before human body activity is absoluteness, hind have enough driving force, have agile knee joint and instep joint. The face observed once upon a time, not due the evidence with outward elbow. From hind observation not due instep is articulatory like cow evidence. When run rate increases ceaselessly, 4 sufficient should tend on a central line, otherwise beg sand should have a problem than overcoming the joint of gundog.

8, see disposition

Beg sand compares gram gundog is a kind of gundog, brave, be happy to work, alert, like water, if too bashful did not choose, you must notice when choose, this is not the disposition characteristic that blooded beg sand compares gram gundog to should be had.

Compare those who overcome gundog to pick skill about beg sand, small make up share this today, if still want to understand more pet knowledge, pay close attention to this station continuously please!