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The Malinuosi with dye-in-the-wood intelligence of animals dog, come home its belt quickly

Pet Knowledge

The dog calls Malinuosi dog of A of the exert in the horse again, this is a kind of very outstanding job dog. No matter be on intelligence quotient, flexibility or obedient sex, very hard other dog dog can place on a par with it. In the life, it is acting the part of dog of soldiers and police, bodyguard dog, bodyguard dog constantly. Generally speaking, choose it to regard pet as the dog, main fun depends on it can each instruction of the host of high level land that finish, have intelligence quite, be about " essence of life " . Interested young associate, when can ask to undertake choosing below reference.

One, figure feature

1, bodily form

The Malinuosi with a normal growth dog, fair dog put oneself in another's position can amount to 61-66 high centimeter, body length 63-68 centimeter, weight 25-30 kilogram; Tall 56-61 of mother dog put oneself in another's position centimeter, body length 57-65 centimeter, weight 22-27 kilogram. From data we can see, whole bodily form of the dog belongs to Malinuosi square Founder a kind, also choose to compare as far as possible when choosing actually " square " a, it is better that character is met relatively.

2, the head

Malinuosi canine head is clear-cut, belong to " awl face " , its size and figure become scale, very harmonious. Full-fledged hind, hope of fair dog manage is chief it is 24.5 centimeters, mother dog is 24 centimeters. Its countenance is very alert, spirit is dedicated, seem at any time on call and general. When the dog dog with occurrence circle the top of head, coarse or heavy head, it is defective.

3, eye

The eye of this kind of dog is Brown commonly, more deflection is shallow cinnamon, eyeball volume is moderate, growing a pair " almond eye " , eyeball won't appear outstanding phenomenon, eye brim is black. When choose, figure is too round or the eye with insufficient chroma attributes flaw, do not suggest to bring back the home.

4, auditive

Its auditive figure is similar an isosceles triangle, or very of the standard, it is erect commonly establish the ground to set upright overhead, its size and head become scale. Put in the dog of blemish normally, its auditive meeting slouch is in of the head at the same time, look also won't very spirit.

5, mouth

Malinuosi canine mouth is strong and strong, the lip is compact darkly color, won't appear normally pink appearing phenomenon, have a problem otherwise. White tooth is arranged orderly, to cut pattern occlusive or clamp type is occlusive, if appear overshot or undershot occlusive it is a kind of blemish. Additional, be short of tooth or tooth to come out more is a kind of serious flaw, ten million should be careful.

6, by wool

By Mao Youzhi hard, concentrated nap lets its enough get used to the change of weather. In bottom of the head, auditive, leg by wool very short. Be grown cervically a little by wool some, the long crest of similar scarf can be formed over, still having rear and ham back also is long hair. If appear wavy by wool, it is a kind of blemish.

2, disposition characteristic

The dog is having Malinuosi extremely tall endurance and stimulant, this also is the main reason that it can hold the position of a large number of jobs, and it is opposite outside ambient changes particularly sensitive, to any " a sign of disturbance or trouble " love to search a root to ask a bottom, in new environment both neither is cowardly not bellicose also. It won't go active incur stranger, but friendly all the more to host, protect its host and property naturally.

Raise an obedient Malinuosi dog, direct it to complete various actions, the fun that raises a dog not perhaps passes such, everybody goes quickly pet orgnaization chooses one time!