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Irish contest is special of the dog choose skill to come, fast collect rise

Pet Knowledge

Irish contest is special the dog says Irish snow amounts to a dog again, it is the gamy dog that a kind of noble changes, having the red with strong a suit, very conspicuous. Its constitution although be good at large, but attitude is very elegant however. If say other dog dog still is in,depend on lovely attract common people, so Irish contest is special the dog jumps out already this domain, with one kind almost " without the dog " the temperamental awe the whole audience that can give its left and right sides, this also is brought about the plan raises Ireland now the person of contest spy dog is increasing. Nevertheless master is picking go up to still need to do a homework one time ahead of schedule, can from below when to set out:

One, figure feature

1, constitution

On whole, irish contest is special canine skeleton is strong, hefty. After manhood, fair dog shoulder height is 68.6 centimeters, make an appointment with 31.75 kilogram again, mother dog is 63.5 centimeters accordingly, make an appointment with 27.22 kilogram again. Nevertheless this respect is not particularly strict, systemic scale is well-balanced more important. Generally speaking, do not choose those skeleton lightsome, too emaciated dog.

2, the head

Irish contest is special canine face go up long and thin, length is ear wide 2 times the left and right sides. The facial features outline on the face is very clear, foil thereby a facial grace and nobility, expression is downy and vigilant. When choose, facial wider dog dog often is the expression with existence blemish or impure blood relationship.

3, eye

The eye submits almond form slightly, volume is moderate, two span are quite wide, both neither is deep-set not bulgy also, color is puce or in Brown, give a person a kind of very gentle sense. Master is picking Ireland when contest spy dog, those eyes are sharp, the dog dog that the face takes fierce look is likely character somewhat not beautiful.

4, auditive

Irish contest is special the dog is having one to be opposite big lop-eared, clingy head, still bestrewed above grow long hair, quite cheesy. After on the low side of ear root position leans, general not prep above eye is horizontal, ear carapace whole slants thin, ear grows to be able to reach nose ministry almost. In ear root position normal circumstance falls, can choose those ear to compare big dog as far as possible.

5, mouth

The lips is deep medium, two jaw are adjacent wait long, of jaw get offline almost the top line with jaw is parallel. Labrum shows square but not flagging. Occlusive to cut account occlusive or clamp shape is occlusive. Occlusive to those abnormal dog dog nature does not choose.

6, limb

The foreleg is straightforward hefty, bladebone is long and wide, and two shoulder blade are in humeral peak is in special stand by, when choosing, here wants careful contrast. Elbow movement extends liberty, inside both neither inclined also break up nothing more than. Hind human body expanse is strong, having to flying section from hip very the muscle that develop, dan Fei section has dot weak point this paragraph to the ground. The sufficient claw that notable is it is quite small, fortunately very firm, the toe of round arch is compact very. When choosing, can run from it observe in the gait when. Additional, the forelimb when running can appear anything but equestrian step pose (carry the leg is too tall) , this is defective.

2, disposition characteristic

Irish a place of strategic importance is particular disposition extroversion of the dog, like to play be troubled by, treat the official that shovel excrement to be able to show enough friendlying and close sex quite, but admit stranger not quite easily sometimes, when choose, everybody may encounter the situation that dog dog is willing to be close to with you not quite, but if it were not for is special defy you, still can bring back its the home.

Irish a place of strategic importance is particular although the dog is rare, but feed rises and the difference of other dog dog is not big, want an earlier stage only choose the job to had been done, wanting left-hand seat still is very relaxed. Pulling it to go out together to moment, fasten Titus power and prestige, quick action rises!