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Character of target of archives of bark star person wraps around dog of case of head person Shi Bin

Pet Knowledge

I am bark star group famous star explore Lukaisi, my host calls me flourishing money, hey ~ this vulgar name, let me for a time very awkward, every time when he calls my name, I want to pretend not to know him, too lose a dog. But dig more star dogs to give Wang Xing the group, can be borne only!

Regard an eligible star as explore, the dog dog that I often am tugging the official shovelling excrement of oneself to go to park center communicates a go for a walk. Over classics regular meeting encounters belle of a few handsome young men, they can be my mothball army, these year from inside these dog dogs, education gave a lot of famous actor or artist. This also lets my positional when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation in actor bound, receive BOSS secret order now: "Bark the evening party is about to begin astral group mid-autumn, be badly in need of rocking and roll the singer presses an axis, fast fast look for "

"Get your ~ "

Be able to bear or endure strength gives the official that shovel excrement to sell bud to act like a spoiled child, can go out eventually, quickness is driven toward park center. Group of open bark star is top science and technology, dog dog identifies a system.

Systematic speech: "Identify, dog bound is warm male gold wool, whether to need a data "

I: "Need not, without characteristic, identify then "

Systematic speech: "The Bern hill dog, autumn cropland dog, dog that compare profit... "

I: "Be no good, continue to identify "

Systematic speech: "Dog of sausage dog, Labuladuo, Beijing... dog of Shi Bin case "

I: "Still be no good. Incorrect, etc, dog of Shi Bin case? Whether be that is having elegant long hair, grow very to resemble wrapping around the dog of head person is planted "

"Yes, explore of Lu Kai Si Xing, whether to need its relevant data? Whether to need its relevant data??

"Need, begin to transmit relevant data " , look go out this to did not waste, can finish the job of BOSS, the evening party can be bark astral regale this mid-autumn.

Formal name: Dog of Shi Bin case

Alias: England jumps gundog, England stimulates flying gundog

Utility: Partner dog, gunning dog

Height: 46-53cm

Weight: 18-25kg

Producing area: England

Other: Affable degree 3 stars, degree sticking a person degree of 2 stars, hairdressing 4 stars, can train a gender 5 stars

"You, OK, yanzhi and intelligence quotient are quite high, with respect to it, transmit data of its detailed posture feature, be opposite to my comparing at the moment this bub, accord with them to choose a level familially "

"Good, explore of Lu Kai Si Xing, dog of Shi Bin case chooses a data to begin to transmit, find please. Find please..

1, spirit: Dog of Shi Bin case belongs to motile, they belong to the sort of energy to compare abundant, body the dog with agile, quick response is planted, if their eyes does not have light, be disinclined to move, explain healthy state is not quite good. Cannot maintain whole field to rock and roll show. (target character grading: 8 minutes)

2, hair: Dog of Shi Bin case has a thick hair to pledge, exterior is exactly like " wrap around head person " , the mankind that that thick hair lets a lot of bald is envied unceasingly. Length waits in systemic hair, soft and close together. Case dog is the Shi Bin with general better blood relationship black, white, Brown each other of 3 kinds of color is built, if appear other color, blood relationship remains to think. Yan Zhigao can be liked by the audience more (target character grading: 8 minutes)

3, nose: Nose is person of our bark star " barometer " , if nose of dog of Shi Bin case is dry, explain it has the inflammation of respiratory tract respect; If nose has drivel shape thing, the likelihood is the closest cold. Suggest not to choose, the dog dog with not smooth breath is sung when rocking and roll, meet more breath comes nevertheless, affect the song quality of the evening party. (target character grading: 10 minutes)

4, gait: Dog of Shi Bin case very be good at motion, their movement smooth-going, strong, when covering the area, driving force of the human body after appearing is powerful. Play rock and roll, need has mighty physical power, ability drives full-court atmosphere, need to consider mainly. (target character grading: 7 minutes)

5, bodily form: The body is compact and strong, decide remaining part. Lop-eared, expression is relaxed, downy, dovish body and friendly ground shake end makes clear to it is of old gundog family really. Its body is very well-balanced, but divide nevertheless again, any parts are very well-balanced. Bearing is decorous, trunk is deep, strong and leg ministry is hefty, enough long leg makes it freelies the ground runs easily. Tall Yan Zhi increases strong stature, can attract large quantities of confusing younger sister oh ~ (target character grading: 8 minutes)

"Good lord, the grading of this boy or very of Nice, good remain see me how be communicated, it is moment when showing my individual glamour, success or failure is in this with one action, my Wang Qu also ~ "

"Hey, shovel excrement you arrive is to go a few faster, otherwise what you loosen drawing rope is a few longer, otherwise my target character can want far! Fast ~ is overtaken "