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When picking sausage dog, consult this at 5 o'clock, the dog abandons a boss to breathe out continuously adept person

Pet Knowledge

Now the breed of dog dog is very much nowadays, a lot of people like a dog, do not know to should choose what kind of breed however, because dog of every kinds of dog has his characteristic, can allow authority Mo Ming is immersed in choice difficulty disease! Irrespective, small make up the dog dog that will recommend a kind to suit the home to raise very much for everybody --Sausage dog.

Sausage dog is very clever dog kind, do not see it height leg is short, but very lovely, and react very nimble, still have very strong protection consciousness, there is a child in the home, can raise this kind of dog completely also. Nevertheless, everybody is in choose and buy when, scarcely can be blind, should have done relevant preparative work. For example, look for the pet shop with a few good reputation to undertake in the round comparative more; Also or it is to browse a few relevant reference material, know the relevant judge level of sausage dog in detail, in order to have oneself can accomplish know fairly well when choose. Next, small make up introduce standard of a few judge simply to everybody:

1. body

The body form of sausage dog should be gangling model, hair is very short, so advocate the problem that people need not worry wool; 4 legs are belonged to dumpy model, very strong, but if be the word that has a few slightness, that whole is not very good.

2. head

The head of sausage dog from above or observing from flank pour a triangle, if figure is incorrect, that dog dog is existing likely a few genetic defect. Additional, when choose, must choose those noses wetter, the tongue is pink dog, because such ability are healthy; Still having a tooth should be to cut account occlusive, clamp shape is occlusive attribute small flaw, other and occlusive attribute serious flaw.

3. gait

The gait of sausage dog should be fluent and flowing, when limb moves, around is maintaining a kind of harmonious sense; If discover pendulous, pace is short, fast when dog dog walks,carry the leg, attribute serious flaw.

4. disposition

The disposition of sausage dog should be lively optimistic, careful and self-confident, very affable also to the person; If choose when when discovering dog dog is stood by in you, hide in the corner, the eyes when perhaps touching it twinkles ceaselessly, make clear the disposition timid and weak-willed of dog dog, dog of this kind of dog has sufferred harm to perhaps be brought about hereditarily before the likelihood, if later period is raised, need host pays more energy to accompany it.

5. health

Buy sausage dog to want to choose the sort of equipment all ready, clean healthful dog is abandoned, and still must ask the dog abandons the healthy proof that issues dog dog, and the proof that makes vaccine. If dog dog does not have dozen of vaccine, inject vaccine must go first as soon as possible after bringing back the home, do not save these money, otherwise from the back may try to save a little but lose a lot.

So lovely sausage dog, advocate people should treat it well at ordinary times, the little baby that hopes everybody can carry to accord with intention oh ~