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The blooded ox head that how picks a health straightens, do you know?

Pet Knowledge

ToBovine head straightens, believe everybody is affirmative not unfamiliar, it enters some grade before when program of put together art, and so-called " Yan Wang " star Sun Gonglei is the same as casing, let a lot of people explode laugh more than, basically be to did not think of a dog to bump into a face with Sun Gonglei actually, also make at the same time Sun Gonglei is spoken by the netizen, ha!

Actually, itself of bovine head stalk compares a famous kind in stalk dog namely, come from England, although do not calculate,go up good-looking, but because have transcendental happy feeling, got the attention of a lot of people is mixed love. Nevertheless, if if you want a choose and buy,a healthy blooded ox head straightens, still want to see these a few sides. Next, small make up come to specific introducing to everybody.

One, see configuration feature

The configuration feature that blooded ox head straightens: Will see its head first, the head minister that bovine head straightens, snout is broad, the exterior of pieces of whole face should be shown elliptic. If looking from flank, its skull coping should present what be down slightly to cave to nose end; The place of ear and forehead wants level, nose compares an eye to want to grow to the distance of the top of head to the distance of double eye, the face that this also is bovine head stalk grows the performance like the ox.

Cave in of eye of bovine head stalk, it is beautiful with deep color commonly, but cannot be blue; It is growing the nose of a black, having the bridge of the nose that curves nose end naturally; Its neck place is hefty able-bodied, neck long and bend, give a person a kind of spell able sense; Its whole trunk is compact and strong; Its by wool weak point and flat, feel hard coarse, feel about the same with what feel an ox. When everybody is being bought, can consult these standard choose and buys.

2, see health

A healthy bovine head straightens, above all its eye can have a mind very much, and there is gum in the eye; In ear exceedingly clean, also do not have the phenomenon of inflammation; You stand by it, also do not have particularly heavy style smelly. Although appearance of bovine head stalk is a bit special, but systemic hair is very bright, above these are the reference standard that pick stalk of healthy ox head.

3, see the value

When we are choosing bovine head to straighten, must not buy in roadside at will, should go however normal and large dog is abandoned, buy the bovine head stalk that breeds technically.

Generally speaking, bought bovine head is abandoned to straighten to be able to have the studbook of dog dog in the dog, and blooded ox head straightens, no matter be disposition,still taste surface of equal square field, should compare common ox head for certain stalk is a lot of more exceedingly good, the price that so blooded ox head straightens is higher also, general the price of 3000 yuan of above is similar. If the condition is special exceedingly good, achieve likely also 5000 or 6000 yuan of above.

4, buy notice

When choosing bovine head to straighten, we had better choose the sort of had injected vaccinal dog. Usually, dog dog arrives two months when begin inject vaccine. Accept the dog of vaccinal inject only, ability can have very strong resistance. When so we are picking dog dog, should examine its certificate, ensure of dog dog healthy.

Above is the introduction that bovine head stalk picks skill, plan to raise an ox head to straighten you, can consult!