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About Greenland dog pick skill, you must notice some detail

Pet Knowledge

Greenland dog is the sledge dog that comes by the domestication of a kind of wolf of Siberia, mix with cold-resistant all the time vitality is tenacious and celebrated. In the process of long-term training, greenland dog becomes ten dispenses person is close, nature is gentle. Compare Yu Xue pry 3 foolish -- Ma Ye of Hashiji, Alaska, Sa, it is OK that its intelligence quotient still calculates, part petty trick. These year come, home also begins somebody this kind of dog since feed, nevertheless compared with the other member with familial sledge, on the net choose a guideline a bit little, this gives a lot of plan adopt the officials that shovel excrement caused particular worry, below the hope a few choose skill to be able to help this part person.

One, figure feature

1, bodily form

The Greenland dog that grows up only, height is in 56-64 centimeter, weight is in 30-32 kilogram, skeletal and strong, hefty, whole looks very big and tall. Figure scale " near a square " , length makes an appointment with many than height 5% , female may be a few longer. Greenland dog even if is also be very strong in the dog dog that is the same as dimension, when choosing commonly, can feel appropriately, in order to judge its robust rate.

2, the head

Whole head shows wedge, a bit wide, the top of head summary protruding, but not be round vaulted, two ear and stop ministry center shows an equilateral triangle, stop ministry line is not curt, but very clear. Overall for, the sign that has seen a wolf very hard, and having typical " Sa rub expression " , below the circumstance that be namely when vigilance or is determined what to do, the eyes is ablaze, auditive the raise on erect, corners of the mouth, expression very sunshine, when everybody is choosing, can pay close attention to more to this.

3, eye

Greenland dog is typical almond eye, double eye position divides relatively leave, color is deeper, when choosing, answer to choose the dog with eye a bit deeper color as far as possible, breed is opposite more admirable. Additionally it still is having a pair of brunet rim of the eye, and jump over jump over ideal greatly. If the dog dog before is a circle eye or pop-eyed, attribute flaw.

4, mouth

Size waits in mouth, in facial ministry scale opposite harmony, show taper slightly, tone is very dark. Labial darkly is lubricious, corners of the mouth becomes warped up slightly, without the labrum of excessive prolapse. The tooth is orderly and strong, belong to cut account occlusive. If appear occlusive or overshot type is undershot type is occlusive attribute flaw.

5, limb

Forelimb is straightforward, each other are parallel, ankle bears fruit again continuously again, but quite withy. The hind leg is hefty, both neither is bent upcountry, also do not break up outwards. Notable is hind knee joint is too straight attribute flaw, times doubler juncture or bovine limb also attribute flaw. The sufficient claw of Greenland dog is big and long, a bit smooth, appreciably of toe round arch spreads out, but also cannot too leave, crural mat is thick, hard, there is protection hair between toe. Stand naturally below, sufficient ungual both neither also does not break up outwards to introvert, but can have little varus. If appear sufficient claw of foot of toe evaginate, dove, circle (the cat is sufficient) attribute flaw.

2, disposition characteristic

Greenland dog is clever and affable, do not have aggressiveness, treat master faithfulness, have very strong adaptability at the same time. Lively good move it, also meet sometimes part is vigilant, be fond of a service particularly, train proper Greenland dog to be able to finish the official that shovel excrement's very much statement. Nevertheless, greenland dog has to other dog control certainly desire, if do not impose control, can produce certain contradiction with other dog dog sometimes.

Greenland dog suits northward feed commonly, be afraid of heat relatively, in the environment appropriate, carry the circumstance with enough momentum falls everyday, it can grow of development very good, conditional and plan feed young associate, might as well go now pet orgnaization is carried!