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What does the need when France indicates gundog to choose pay close attention to? This guideline tells you

Pet Knowledge

France indicates gundog, call France Jiasike again Nie directive dog, it is a kind of outstanding odd gundog not only, also be a kind of very exceedingly good partner dog at the same time. From 19 centuries last years, its amount is in all the time continuously reductive condition, have destroy planted care. Fortunately in recent years, as the people attention to this kind of dog and feed, the amount increases somewhat, but on the whole still very precious is rare, so, a few have plan feed France to instruct the young associate of gundog, be necessary to understand a few about its pick skill, avoid to be deceived!

One, figure feature

1, bodily form

France indicates gundog to belong to large dog, the grown France with a normal growth indicates gundog, height can amount to 56-68 centimeter, weight 20-32 kilogram, the figure is well-balanced, hefty, skeletal and strong and not coarse, look relatively slender on whole. Bosom expanse, introversion is sunken into, it is the most conspicuous place in whole trunk. When choosing, with bosom expanse, figure divide evenly calls beautiful.

2, the head

Rectify moderate of build ministry size, become scale with the figure, its forehead place is more prominent, and fruity and smooth, will investigate odour via often can raising a head. The affability on posture of facial features face, without the place with particularly conspicuous what, but go up in hair color, here look is a few closer to the other place of the body. If appear,hair color slants shallow, the likelihood is put in blood relationship impure or blemish problem.

3, eye

France indicates the eye of gundog to have a mind brightly, moderate volume, appearance basically is shown bulbiform, both neither is bulgy also do not cave. Color is chestnut or dark yellow, the color of this and facial hair is very harmonious, the sense that this pair of eyes give a person is very kind. When master is picking, appearance and color must according to the standard, basically be blemish dog otherwise.

4, auditive

What this kind of dog is growing a pair of bounty is lop-eared, very elegant and beautiful, the position is relative on the high side, adjacent make the same score together with the top of head. Color and facial appearance are consistent, look from flank so, be about basically invisible, this brought about France to although ear is not small,indicate gundog, but not be particularly conspicuous. In addition, the cockle of auditive brim is very apparent, this also is a its main feature, when choosing OK and special advertent.

5, limb

The limb of French directive gundog is slender, van leg is erect, when standing, can keep perpendicular with the ground, skeletal and hale, hind drive leg is hefty, strong and strong. Sufficient claw is commonly elliptic, have large crural cushion. On gait, can have the feeling of a kind of pitch, walk along a road to come dovish and erupt strength is very.

2, disposition characteristic

When its see France indicates gundog really, what can feel its disposition basically to go up is ad cool-headed and sober, feel no regret at outstanding " hunter " . Nevertheless, as gundog, was destined its are the dog with a kind of very exuberant energy, after bringing back it the home when the officials that shovel excrement so, need makes sure its move amply everyday quantity. In addition, this kind of dog is faithful to host, have very tall obedient sex.

The amount of this kind of dog is belonged to fact is relatively rare be short of, so if everybody wants raise really, the likelihood needs to run more orgnaization of a few pet just goes, after find, again according to above choose a guideline, choose one time seriously, that France that believes everybody can find him to admire in the heart indicates gundog!