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How does border land of choose and buy straighten? Shift to an earlier date witting this at 5 o'clock, ability avoids by undesirable businessman hole

Pet Knowledge

One is contained in the name of dog of a lot of dogs " stalk " word, most person does not know this is what meaning, these belts " stalk " is the dog dog of the word a breed? This is not of course!

Straighten actually kind of dog not be a breed, however a classification, the different utility that people passes dog dog is its cent 7 kinds big: Straighten kind of dog, job dog kind, sheperd dog kind, athletic dog kind, blame motion dog kind, enjoy dog kind, chase dog kind. Straighten the characteristic of kind of dog is good at digging crypt namely, catch the puppy such as acupuncture point bear, hare, otter, border land straightens even if have representative dog quite among them, the family that also wants to raise it accordingly is increasing, want to buy good border land to straighten nevertheless, not be so simple however.

1. height weight

The ideal height that border land straightens should be controlled in 25 centimeters, weight is in 5-7 kilogram; If not be inside this limits, explain dog dog is existing a few problems.

2. whole appearance

The body that border land straightens should bear fruit lustily; The head and otter are similar; Auditive cannot erect, correct should be to hang down the two side at the head or stick at two buccal; The top of head has turned with assuasive radian and not be remarkable reflex; The mouth of dark look is typical ideal, still can have below normal circumstance a few short beard; The around of humeral ministry, trunk and body paragraph ought to special stricture; By Mao Zeying should be close together and grumous, if rare medicinal powder loose, have a few blemish or disease on behalf of dog dog; The foreleg is erect but cannot awakward, regressive brawny develop but cannot jelly; The pose is in vigilant condition from beginning to end, cannot show this assortment otherwise dauntless with adamantine feature.

3. disposition feature

Border land stalk should be softhearted, be full of emotive, and it is good at complying with master command, because this is first-rate,train, outdoors when, it can show the one side of alert, rich aggressiveness, because such ability protect very master security; But these disposition features do not need particularly outstanding on certain characteristic with hyperbole, if appear,label disqualification phenomenon unusually badly.

4. health

Healthy body is the main demand that border land of choose and buy straightens, normally for, all day long spirit enlivens healthy dog dog, and its eye is clear and bright, eyelash is clean and orderly, auditive and agile, should be all round nostril wet and have cool feeling, body muscle is plump and well-balanced, limb semmetry is hale, walk smooth, be slipped by Mao Guang neat, if have discrepancy, want dog of the dog below microscope whether go to the bad.

5. other proposal

When choosing border land to straighten, host can feel the body of dog dog to make detailed inspection appropriately, return the relevant letter that can ask the businessman shows dog dog at the same time, for example vaccination certificate or it is blood relationship proof; Ten million cannot listen to the businessman's proposal one-sidedly, cannot ensure otherwise oneself can the choose and buy straightens to high grade border land.

Look above at 5 o'clock, can you choose border land to straighten? If everybody still has what what wants to understand, can pay close attention to small make up oh ~