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Want to have beautiful pily veil dog? There is what you want to choose here small stick person!

Pet Knowledge

Mention the whole body is snow-white, docile small-sized dog plants bushy, regular meeting emerges immediately in your brain the lovely figure that gives the dog that compare bear, Malta dog, compared with these two kinds of dogs, small it is certain to make up a this when should introduce for you today more can your heart nest in stamp, regard dog dog bound as a low-key, it has Orphean and romantic name -- ~ of pily veil dog

Traceable of pily veil dog 17 centuries, it is one of more familial than ursine dog members, had made Madagascar island nowadays " C " the dog is planted, the white of fleeciness softness is denounced to be fond of individual character by what wool, machine spills neatly, circle pink countless, the girl heart that lets many females shovel excrement official especially jump continuously. Because pily veil dog is the nova that dog dog bound rises gradually, injury of the very much official that shovel excrement's to how picking a tone admirable pily veil dog showed head... cough, vertical stroke has your small ear, listen small make up how to say.

One, view configuration feature

1, bodily form

Pily veil dog belongs to small-sized dog to plant, bodily form is petite but person, male height can achieve 25 centimeters of ~32 commonly centimeter, weight is kilogram of 4 kilogram ~6 about; Female height is in normally 22 centimeters of ~28 centimeter between, weight is kilogram of 3.5 kilogram ~5 about, the scale of the height of bladebone and body length is 2:3, the scale of the length of the head and body is 2:5, these scale data can serve as one of reference standard that pick dog of veil of high grade cotton.

2, the head

Head of pily veil dog is shorter, its head shows look down at triangle; See its skull from the front, summary circle and wide, eyebrow bone is full; Nose is black, bridge of the nose is wide, nostril is opened wide; Buccal straight lip is close, the tooth is arranged orderly, cut account occlusive; The eye is rounder, darkly is lubricious, at the same time the eye is apart from further, letting a person very easily misunderstand them is toy of wool cloth with soft nap; Ear shows triangular prolapse, the position is higher and cheek of press close to, if as bigger as afore-mentioned descriptive difference, need careful choose and buy.

3, truncal

Although pily veil dog is small-sized dog,plant, but its are cervical hefty, show vaulted, and the scale of cervical length and body length is 1:5 about, the flesh that do not have go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married is beautiful, appreciably back a line is highlighted, humeral ministry appreciably is outstanding, coxal growth is good, short and muscle is full, bosom develops, show a level with elbow at the same time, rib is propped up good, close on abdomen apparent, tail position is inferior. Everybody is when actual choose and buy, must contrast carefully the standard of truncal part, can regard existence as basically blemish with what afore-mentioned characteristics deviate from.

4, by wool

From " pily veil dog " this name that can let a person produce a vision to imagine can guess what plant to this dog to be nodded by Mao Te, just as its name implies, if the thick and fleeciness white like cotton grows hair,it has a single person, take off a mobile pily doughboy alive. Of pily veil dog by the gray that hair color basically has white, yellow or takes spot these 3 kinds, among them pure white is recommended most by wool, also be with the name most of conform to. Pily veil dog is as near as its curlier than ursine dog be differred by wool, its by wool slightness shock, appreciably shows wave model, feel softness is suitable slip, quality of a material resembles cotton, because this gets a name. Beautiful thing always needs to be caressed meticulously, because be grown again by wool close, so their Mao Mao lengthens to collapse easily come down to obscure eye, lest block holds off the line of sight,general need binds a vulnerable point, suit to be willing to spend time to be them very much " dress and make up dresses up " official of delicate shovel excrement.

2, examine disposition characteristic

Pily veil dog is very lively and argute, besides sack time, at any time vigor is full, energetic. Docile faithfulness is dot of on its disposition another big glitter, affable to the mankind, can mix other dog kind get along well, this kind of disposition makes it gets of numerous family love.

Meanwhile, they to living environment and carry momentum ask not tall, it is ideal company pet, suit the home to raise very. If you like argute and lovely, the short-haired pelt ball with dye-in-the-wood individual character, chose pily veil dog to be opposite!