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When picking campstool Er dog, a few still want to notice besides big long leg

Pet Knowledge

Campstool Er dog, the first when see it when you, meet by it that lofty figure place is attracted. Long, neck grows the leg, can says is Wang Xing in the person " giraffe " . Past of campstool Er dog basically catchs puppy with Yu Lie, belong to a model rely on a vision to chase after hunt, and be not the dog that relies on smell to seek hunt creature to plant. Its disposition is very gentle, also make a kind of very good partner dog gradually nowadays, get the welcome of dogginess personage, what should notice again when are we choosing so?

One, figure feature

1, bodily form

Height is in ideal of grown campstool Er dog 64 centimeters of ~70 centimeter, weight makes an appointment with 22 kilograms of ~31 kilogram, the height of large dog, the weight of medium-sized dog, the sort of put oneself in another's position is attributed on its whole it is thus clear that the type of thin height. Its look somewhat some " bone feels " , but in fact its muscle content is very high still. Back and waist wide straight, hefty. Bosom slightly deep, costal circle arch, in a way furls. Everybody picks the body as far as possible slender, have the dog of some of flesh feeling.

2, the head

The face of campstool Er dog carry to bazoo from coping gradually narrow, attribute extraordinary level " melon seeds little face " , look very elegant, coping is fruity, the handle that touchs is very pretty good also. Holding the neck of its head in the palm additionally, longer, hefty, show segment of a circle a bit. When choosing commonly, to those faces model " slant fat " dog dog should use up gauge to avoid, have the possibility of existence blemish.

3, auditive

Its ear is a very lovely place, size scale is proper, submit button form, the condition of a half slouch can lie below normal circumstance, when once be in alert status,passing, ear can assume the position since half vertical stroke, it is interesting very. When choose, the ear that needs advertent dog dog whether accomplish such reaction, cannot put possibly in blemish.

4, eye

The eye of campstool Er dog slants a bit it seems that small, nevertheless eyesight can weighs a special skill, the eye of egg circle is clear, bright, appearing downy eyes. This general to pupil meeting gives a person the sense that a kind of tender feelings is like water, it is unlikely to appear " fierce look " , say so, a few eyes some " biting " dog, not be a good choice.

5, limb

4 big long legs are the feature with this kind of most apparent dog basically. Its van is slender and straightforward, when standing OK and complete perpendicular at the ground, it is martial very; Hind drive ham muscle very develop, line is beautiful. When everybody is choosing, the campstool Er dog that those legs grow to be more than height slightly or very of the standard.

2, disposition characteristic

Campstool Er dog is brave and agile, have very strong curiosity to outside thing. When facing the official that shovel excrement, faithful and affable, have very tall obedient sex. Its affection is opposite also more rich, can interact goodly with family member generation, special meeting denounces master favor. Additional, attention of campstool Er dog is centered, behavior is very positive, this are very commendable still inside bark star person. Nevertheless, with other vision gundog, want an attention to keep apart it and other cattle and puppy, otherwise incidental contradiction.

In some way of campstool Er dog and photograph of gundog of case thunder Yi resemble, need everybody to be discriminated carefully more when choose so, finally, hope everybody finds that dog that he admires in the heart.