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How to choose ideal Scotland deerhound? This piece the article lets you be far from be deceived

Pet Knowledge

Scotland deerhound type of build or figure is very gigantic, can be one of current and highest gundog on the world. Once, it belongs to the Scotland nobles at that time only, do not cross the elapse as time, more and more families can raise dog of this kind of dog now.

Serve as one of exceeding large dog, scotland deerhound from once gundog, had transformed slowly the partner dog that is a family, as a result of,do not pass of the amount exiguous, a lot of people do not know the detailed information of dog of this kind of dog, when choosing so very easy by hole. Next, small write the skill of choose and buy that shares next Scotland deerhound to everybody, in order to offer each reference.

Bodily form

Ideal Scotland deerhound shoulder height is 30~32 inch, mother dog is met relatively a bit shorter; Weight is 85, 110 pounds (fair) or 75, 95 pounds (mother) . Additional, tallish, short, fat, thin it is normal to be belonged to, just can appear a few uglier. But if bodily form is mixed,standard difference is gotten too unusual, did not suggest to choose.

The head

Good Scotland deerhound head is even, long and out of round; The eye is commonly puce, Brown or hazel is lubricious (particularly light color does not suit) , when the eyes rests, appear very downy, become very keen when excitement; Rhinioscope is black commonly, but its rhinioscope shows the dog dog of blue the color of camel's hair blue, and a little some bend; Auditive color is black or dark black, be located in the head the position with two higher side, the ear when go to bed is folded backward, the ear when excitement will be raised but won't appear crease (establish ear to be blemish) ; Moustache must submit a qualitative form, appear very beautiful.

Neck shoulder

Ideal Scotland deerhound is cervical as about the same as Ling Ti dog, not be very long (too long word is not nice also) ; Cervical and special strong and very outstanding, guttural line is clear, angle clarity; Shoulder blade tilts and lean backward (fight shoulder or too even shoulder blade to attribute serious flaw) .


Ideal Scotland deerhound tail is very long, most advanced and fine and hang down downward, with ground apart 1.5 inches or under flying section 1.5 inches, dormant when the tail shows straightforward prolapse or in a way curves shape (curly and excessive or cricoid form is blemish) , the tail when motion and excitement is curly (lifting back is unallowed) .


Amount of good spirit of Scotland deerhound body is more adequate; Bosom is deep and not wide (too narrow or even bosom is unallowed) ; The circumference of the body needs enough, such ability have good vital capacity; The waist submits round arch form (too even do not accord with a requirement) .


The leg is straight and ideal Scotland deerhound is wide, foreleg and elbow have the breadth that comparative; Sufficient claw is compact (stretch it is serious flaw) , the place of toe is proper; Hind human body is wide and strong hang down downward (hind can appear very faint if human body is narrow) ; Knee joint forms proper point of view (too straight it is serious flaw) ; Hip and the presence is very large space between flying section.

By wool

Ideal Scotland deerhound is by wool coarse bristle (abb shape is blemish) , feel is rough hard and dry, and body, cervical and have on limb enclothe, length is 3~4 probably inch; The hair that the head enclothes is medium length, its wool is in than distributinging character the summary softness of other part a few; The hair of auditive place is soft and flowing, feel is approximate at mice wool, a bit a few smaller more perfect (long and heavy be belonged to by wool serious flaw) .


The hair color of ideal Scotland deerhound has a lot of, general and brunet for first selection, for example deep blue gray; It is color of the gray with different depth, stain next, yellow, sanded red, rufous also be possible. But, of white by wool it is unfavorable, the head contains white veins that stand out under the skin or cervical contain circuit white to also belong to disqualification. Of course, also put in the breed with one outstanding share to take bit of white in end pointed in a way, specific choice sees individual be fond of even.

Was opposite, when choosing ideal Scotland deerhound, want referenced above not only a few respects, the psychosis that still needs to have a look at dog dog oh such ~ ability assure to love a dog can accompany you healthily for long!