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Will quickly learn, choose blooded method of triumphant An Geng

Pet Knowledge

Triumphant An Geng, it is a kind of short leg kind small-sized job straightens, originate in England formerly. On land, it is good at catching beagling, mole, the animal such as otter; In water, it still is a natant ace, so a lot of people say triumphant An Geng is very eligible gundog.

Triumphant lively and An Gengcong Ming Lingli, lovely, faithful, affable, also be a kind of good family dog, many people want to raise. Since want to raise triumphant An Geng,be only, how should we know to choose blooded triumphant An Geng above all? Below small make up will take everybody to learn well.

One, see the value

General price of triumphant An Geng tastes color of photograph, blood relationship, hair, sexual distinction, age and seat area to concern with it, article the price of triumphant An Geng with better, purer blood relationship is higher. Of course, the price of triumphant An Geng that city of general a gleam of can compare 23 lines city is high, the price is in the triumphant An Geng that making work on the market at present 2000-5000 yuan differ.

2, see size

Choose triumphant An Geng to see weight, height and body length even: Weight -- 5.9 kilogram control mother dog, 6.35 kilogram control fair dog; Height -- mother dog 25-30 centimeter, fair dog 28-31 centimeter; Body length -- the body length after buttock arrives before the bosom is in 36.2 ~ 38.1 centimeters between. Scale should balanced, both neither wants exorbitant also do not pass low; Truncal cannot too long also cannot pass short, this weight and judge standard apply to grown dog of 2 years old, senile dog may exceed these levels a bit and minor dog may is not worth at these index.

3, see appearance feature

When choosing triumphant An Geng, you need to notice is not blooded below the appearance feature that triumphant An Geng has, do not answer selected: Brainpan very shallow, ear is big and too long and narrow, eye is big and outstanding, hint given with the eyes is most advanced before too thick, fluctuation jaws, round, snout goes out, ear hair is overmuch, limb too long or too thick, toe is very wide, the wool of the head crosses little, wool soft and music, body Mao Youbai spot, back is very short and not level.

4, color seeing wool

Choose blooded triumphant An Geng, in order to take bare color, black Brown, gray or cinnamon had better, the wool on ear had better be dark Brown, the wool on muzzle is dark look.

5, see a tail

The tail asks the position of the root is higher, and can up erect, unfavorable choose a course to decide remaining part artificially.

6, see sexual distinction

Before we are choosing triumphant Angeng, if wanting to know Gong Kaian straightens, compare commonly bellicose, and very lively good move, and Mu Kaian stalk is general relatively docile, it is more a few easier that training rises, but if choosing bitch, sequel also should consider bitch to produce child circumstance, this is about to saw his individual favore, must not choose at will, and the life that gives oneself sequel increases a few needless influences.

7, buy notice

When buying, want what demand this variety to the other side to raise certificate of administrative technique data, blood relationship, vaccinate certificate, the cession that both sides signs book, and 7, healthy guarantee of 14 days, in order to avoid the trouble with follow-up needless generation.

Dog city covers a region much, each young associate people these content that must master above introduction well, so that go better choose and buy a blooded triumphant An Geng oh ~