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What does it mean when a cat stares at its owner?

Pet Knowledge
This article is provided by Veterinarian Dr. Alexander Smith
Cats stare at their owners to express curiosity, want food, seek attention, or provoke their owners. First of all, when a cat expresses curiosity about its owner, it will keep staring at the owner, wanting to know what the owner is doing or what he will do. Secondly, when a cat is hungry and wants to eat, it will keep staring at its owner and meow at it. In addition, if the cat feels that the owner is ignoring it, in order to get the owner's attention, the cat will keep staring until the owner responds to it. Finally, if the cat stares at the owner and licks its fur, it is provoking the owner.

1. Express curiosity about their owners

Cats are very curious animals, and they like to imitate their owners. If the owner is doing something that the cat has not seen before or that the cat is interested in, the cat will keep staring at the owner, wanting to know what the owner is doing or doing, and constantly observing the owner's movements to prevent the owner from disappearing. In your own sight, this is also a way for cats to express their love.

2. Wants to eat

If the cat keeps meowing at the owner while staring at the owner, or even rubs the owner with its head, then It may be that the cat is hungry and wants the owner to give it food. At this time, the owner needs to prepare food for the cat quickly.

3. Wanting attention

If the owner does not play with the cat for a long time, the cat will feel that the owner has ignored it, so it will keep staring at the owner until the owner Until it is discovered. At this time, if you pet the cat gently, it will enjoy it and purr.

4. Provoke the owner

Before preparing to attack the prey, the cat will stare directly at the prey while looking closely for possible weaknesses in the prey. , while making an attacking gesture. If you see a cat staring at its owner with fur all over its body, the owner should be careful, as the cat is likely to attack in the next second.