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After the cat eats the cat food, it makes the action of digging the cat litter

Pet Knowledge
This article is provided by Veterinarian Dr. Alexander Smith
When a cat eats cat food and digs the cat litter, it may be to store food. It is a natural behavior, especially in households with many cats. Secondly, it may be that the cat masks the smell in order to protect itself. This is a reflex behavior and the owner does not need to worry too much. In addition, if the owner places the cat litter box relatively hidden, or frequently changes the location of the cat litter box, the cat will be eager to dig at the cat litter when it wants to poop after eating the cat food.

1. Store food

Cats make cat litter movements after eating cat food. It may be because the food is delicious and they can’t finish it, so they want to store food and bury the remaining food. Get up to prevent hunger. In addition, if there are many cats in the family, the cats may also dig the cat litter after eating the cat food because they are afraid that the remaining food will be snatched by other cats.

This is a natural behavior and a normal behavior. The owner only needs to take away the food that the cat has not finished or give the cat an appropriate amount of food next time to avoid too much food and multi-cat households. It is recommended that each cat be fed individually.

2. Mask the smell

If the cat’s food bowl and litter box are placed too close, it will also make a scratching after smelling the smell of the litter box. The action of sand. This is a reflexive behavior of the cat to bury the smell. The owner does not need to worry too much. He only needs to take away the litter box.

3. Want to urinate

When a cat wants to poop after eating cat food, it will also make the action of digging cat litter, especially when it feels in a hurry but wants to poop. When he doesn't get to the cat litter box, he will keep digging at the cat litter. Therefore, it is recommended that owners place the litter box where the cat can see it and not change the location of the litter box frequently.