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Why do cats crawl under the quilt on hot days?

Pet Knowledge
This article is provided by Veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy
Cats crawling under the quilt on hot days may be due to their nature, or it may be because getting into the quilt will make the cat feel more secure, or it may want to be close to the owner. These are normal phenomena, and the owner does not need to worry too much. If you really don’t like letting your cat crawl under the quilt, it is recommended to get a cat nest that is well hidden, warm and comfortable. The cat will feel comfortable and at ease, and will naturally be willing to stay in its own nest.

1. The nature of cats

Because cats’ ancestors are nest animals, they naturally like to crawl into holes and hidden places. Therefore, even in hot summer, cats like to get into quilts, and they also like to get into dark, closed environments such as plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

2. Make cats feel more secure

Most cats like to hide themselves, and the inside of the quilt is usually very dark. A soft quilt makes the cat feel very comfortable and like A closed environment like a quilt will also make cats feel more secure, so cats like to get under the quilt even in summer.

3. Wants to be close to the owner

When the cat gets familiar with the owner, it will want to be closer to the owner and want to stick to the owner all the time, so it will want to get under the quilt and get close to the owner. Sleeping with the owner is also a sign that the cat likes and recognizes the owner. In addition, if the cat is often left alone at home, the cat will especially like to get into the quilt, because it has the smell of the owner, which will make it feel comfortable and safe.