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What is the reason for the cat’s stampeding action?

Pet Knowledge
This article is provided by Veterinarian Dr. Daniel Miller
The cat's stamping action may be caused by the habit of stamping on milk. This is a normal physiological habit and the owner does not need to intervene. Secondly, cats will also make trampling movements when sitting on the mark, which is a way for them to occupy territory. In addition, female cats in estrus will also behave like standing still, howling, urinating, and losing appetite. It’s okay if your cat occasionally stamps, but if it stamps frequently or is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to see if there is any disease.

1. Physiological habits

When a cat is breastfeeding, it will use its two paws to constantly step on and scratch the mother cat’s breasts, stimulating the mother cat’s breasts to produce more milk. This will happen when the cat grows up. An act will also remain. As long as the cat has no other abnormal symptoms, the owner does not need to worry too much. It is a normal phenomenon and means that the cat feels comfortable and secure. If the cat steps on the owner's milk, it means that the cat trusts the owner enough. In addition, cats will also behave like stepping on milk when they encounter soft things, such as blankets, quilts, and sofas.

2. Occupying territory

Cats have a strong sense of territory, and their flesh pads can secrete a gland that produces a smell. Therefore, when the cat sits on the mark, it will make a stamping action, indicating that this place is mine and you should not invade my place. In addition, cats will also step on it with their front feet to determine whether a place is safe and suitable for them to stay here. After confirming that it is safe, cats will not step on it.

3. In estrus

Female cats in estrus will also trample in place and cry out in order to attract the opposite sex and their owners. focus on. At this time, the owner needs to close the doors and windows to prevent the female cat from jumping off the building or running away from home because she is in heat and wants to go out. If there is no need for reproduction, you can also take the cat to the pet hospital for sterilization surgery at a staggered estrus period.