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Cling to the life of elder brother dog is commonly how long

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People has been used to the life pet dog to regard a reduction that is human life. Their life photograph to human life it is brief. Its life meets different dog breed different, and specific to every dog, life also is put in very big otherness. Cling to elder brother Canis is planted at small-sized dog, its mean life is in commonly 13-15 or so years old.

Cling to common of elder brother dog weighs Pekinese, its type of build or figure is small but very strong and compact. Cling to the disposition of elder brother dog is optimistic, affection is rich, they like to be contacted with family, also like to play with the child, they do not need too much outdoors activity, what suit to raise particularly so is indoor.

Cling to type of build or figure of elder brother dog is small, so its life should compare medium-sized, large dog relatively longer. And as level of social life, science and technology rise, cling to the life of elder brother dog also is in aeriform in get extension. In parent science, health nurse below, more cling to elder brother dog can live to be 15 years old above, also can live to be 20 years old or so a little really.

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