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Cling to where is the country of origin of elder brother dog

Pet Question

Cling to elder brother dogOriginate in China formerly. According to textual research it originates probably with Beijing dog identical ancestor, it is an old Oriental dog is planted. It is early when Chinese face, cling to elder brother dog flows into abroad via the Silk Road with Chinese silks and satins. Portuguese businessman 1516, Spanish businessman 1575, Dutch 1604, the Englishman was in 1634 with Chinese have trade relations while, all cling to elder brother dog brings back homeland. Thereafter Russian (those gets great emperor period) , businessman of France, England also brings back this dog in succession native. 1553, cling to elder brother dog comes to France along with Turkey fleet, traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women people hilarious, the nickname is " small Turkey dog " . When Marie replaces kingship to England, Williams prince and wife took a batch 1689 cling to elder brother dog is followed row, they are in royal family times suffer favorite, its position is the same as Beijing dog to be able to be rivalled in Chinese court position.

The small-sized dog that myna dog is stability of a kind of disposition is planted, show stable, optimistic, rich glamour, high, affable with lovely disposition. He is considerate, lovely, do not need exercise or often arrange back wool, but need companion. He is the sound of same sniffle regards the breathing sound with murmur and equine as the means that communicate. In the meantime, this dog is had admirable reach the individual character that loves clean, these characteristic are become wide get the account that like.