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Bullfight Ma Shi carries husband dog to eat much how does have loose bowels do

Pet Question

Because problem of intestines and stomach caused have loose bowels,be, so best first abstinence, according to the case that the law fights, abstinence control a long time, observe the circumstance has without improve. In this process, should notice to a few clean water the law is fought drink, avoid dehydration! Host must do work of good drive bug to law ox regularly at ordinary times, the word that has helminth otherwise also can cause have loose bowels of French bullfight dog, so host should be written down sincerely. If helminth is caused have loose bowels, so master be about to give it in time drive bug! If your domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household is arrogant have loose bowels and still contain vomiting, but mental state or very good word, so explain it just eats maintained, perhaps ate stodgy absorb cause. Give law ox to feed some of pet beneficial to give birth to bacterium to recuperate intestines and stomach to suggesting host is OK at this o'clock, solve have loose bowels, vomiting effectively, still can taste law ox to be fed twice every week when health care at ordinary times!

Because of law ox catch a cold also is to be able to cause have loose bowels, change garments according to the season when, air temperature is alternant, ox of a lot of laws is in easily the phenomenon that produces have loose bowels at this moment, the job of heat preservation is very so main. The ox giving a way with proposal OK and proper host wears a dress, perhaps add thick its sleep mat! If give law ox frequency to change numerously,dog food also can create have loose bowels, host changes dog food does not want too too frequent, average half an year perhaps changes one year enough. When still having choice dog food, suggest had better also the choice contains beneficial to give birth to bacterium you!