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What is the utility of German sheperd dog

Pet Question

German sheperd dog is to be able to be competent the culminating dog of all sorts of jobs. One's early years is to regard shepherd as utility, but when the the First World War, reform by heart army collect make army dog, in army medium working ability makes a person look at with new eyes, from now on the figure implant popular feeling with dog of for military use.

Now besides the working associate that is a soldier as before, all over the world each district, german sheperd dog often still is used to as the police dog, dog that rescue, guide blind dog, sheperd dog waits for working dog. Because like to be close to the mankind and child, it also is the outstanding family dog in a lot of person mental view.

Although look feral, but nature is actually gentle, like to be close to a person very much, also behave to other animal affable, suit very much as domestic pet. Quite faithful to host, behave inhospitality normally to stranger, but if the other side and host have affinity, build friendship more easily with it.