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Buy Brussels shag gundog what to notice

Pet Question

Head feature is very main, it should have kind of anthropoid aspect. Two span leave moderate, the eye is very big, eyeball is black, outward and outstanding, very marked. Eyelash is black and long, long have black rim of the eye. Ear is small and be located in the position with higher skull, possible clip passes or maintain natural appearance. If be natural appearance, should be to establish ear partly. Skull is big and round, have the forehead of form of a hemisphere. Nose end is thick, nose is very black, very short, hide at two lower part. Nostril is big. Da Deli bazoo or butterfly bazoo belong to disqualification. Labial brim is black, not flagging and as it happens can close completely, have a perfect mouth look. Occlusive must be mandible outstanding type is occlusive, that is to say, the front tooth that the front tooth of mandible must compare the upper jaw is forward and a few more outstanding. Mandible is outstanding, wrap up () of ground Bao Tian. When the mouth is being shut, tooth and tongue should be invisible. Lack a tooth-like part of anything or the tooth is not neat it is serious flaw. Hang a tongue to belong to disqualification.

Weight is between 8~10 pound, cannot exceed 12 pounds. But many the level of other side is more important than weight, A weight is less than Brussels shag gundog the doggie of norms, if the body is hale, scale is well-balanced, need not be regarded as to have drawback. Body scale shows a square, show from the shoulder the ministry arrives namely the distance of ham upside and shoulder height are equal. Body perfectly round, scale is skeletal and harmonious, brawny.