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Where is Ha Shiji's country of origin

Pet Question

Professional title of Ha Shiji is: Siberia sledge dog, because of when discovering it the earliest, be in namely Siberia, because of the climate of where and zone environment, so it grew the fur with very strong a suit, the people over there uses it to drag sled, can undertake carry and walking in in that way environment so, so it is in Siberia is the position with having very significant in in that way environment.

A lot of people look from Hashiji's appearance, feel it resembles a wolf a bit, actually this has an in part in the blood relationship because of it just about is to originate the relation of the wolf. Ha Shiji is wolf and Siberia dog long-term cross and another kind of breed of generation, when it is being differentiated, still was delimited wolf this kind. Because Hashiji is to mix copulatory come out, at first so its disposition has a lot of kinds, some is exceedingly recreant, some is exceedingly atrocious however, and after evolve endlessly in the course and entering the mainland, family, ha Shiji's disposition gradually incline to at docile, there basically has not been what aggressiveness now.