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Raise Bern hill dog note

Pet Question

Bern hill dog is the most important raise period it is 2-6 the month is big, need swing, if be in tiredly basket in the development that too long time can affect its framework. Had better other dog is mixed only its amuse oneself, make its limb develops freely. In this paragraph of time, alimental nutrition is very important also. Bern hill dog is to belong to large dog, so of young dog raise besides offer high quality natural food besides, do not forget the dog that it is love to add food of a few nutrition: For example calcium tablet, calcic pink, beautiful hair pink and vitaminic.

This dog is planted not quite appropriate insolate below burning sun high above in the sky. Because its wool is of black, if insolate for long below violent sun, not only besides meeting heatstroke, black wool can become weak to reach slowly hoarse, very ugly. Water is the important life springhead of Bern hill dog, raise its your meeting to detect they are met very easily thirsty, and water quantity slue. When summer comes, do not cut their hair short, because their hair is,use those who keep out ultraviolet ray.