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How does Bern hill dog train ability obedient

Pet Question

Want to train the Bern hill dog with bigger bodily form or need host to spend energy, although Bern hill dog is inherent strong, obedient sex it is tall, difficult to not be afraid of, but the Bern hill of childhood period also is very curious and lively. Wanting to train the period with the most crucial dog of good Bern hill is 2-6 month.

The working gait of nature of Bern hill dog is slow trot. Before human body spread is good and drive of after human body is strong, maintain level back a line. Without any redundant movements. Corresponding before hind legs moves inside same plane from beginning to end. Add fast when, the leg is met to central line furl.

The principle that trains to Bern hill dog is to be praised more, little rebuke, and training time has shoulded not be grow. The disposition characteristic that should understand this dog above all before training Bern hill dog undertakes training can achieving the result of get twice the result with half the effort next, sound and gesticulation had better cooperate when training.