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Beilingdu straightens what color is good

Pet Question

Beilingdu straightens fur is thick and distinctive continous wool, stalk color has Beilingdu white of blue, hoar, rice, La Hehe color, auburn, deep gray a variety of. This dog has very peculiar become angry phenomenon. Black or coffee are when young 2 kinds of color, 9 week hind break away from mother milk, begin to become shallow stage by stage, hasten of a year old of half color is stable.

Stalk color has Beilingdu only two kinds: Black and coffee, after be brought up slowly by black and coffee, grade comes to the color that the grown Beilingdu that everybody sees straightens, hair color becomes low to become deep to need to be passed a few times, want stability of half color ability to come down commonly.

Some small shellfish spirit straighten suddenly now is white, yellow waits light color a moment, these are the dogs with impure character, the small Beilingdu that if host is bought,so is white straightens is to use honoured guest dog to string together likely very come out, the doggie must be brunet. General black may give gray instead, of the different depth such as blue, also have what give white instead, of coffee give yellow instead commonly, sand is lubricious, pork liver color, white.