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The knight checks manage king beagle raise a point what to have

Pet Question

Hello feed a knight to check manage king beagle to want to note a lot of problems, feed the time that eat namely above all, and should form a habit, manage king beagle is checked to feed for the knight in fixed time eat food, after such habits become nature, feed also went to the lavatory. Clean tableware everyday, give it the clear water of enough Ju Qianjing continuously. Feed when feeding the knight with lesser bodily form to check manage king beagle or enjoy dog, achieve ablactation period, food should mix with water air molten, just can feed feed. If feed,feed professional male dog food or dog can, ask according to product to wrap mount to indicate deal to feed feed.

Dog dog hopes to gain host more attention, the knight checks manage king gundog same also, so if host is compared at ordinary times busy, extremely rare sky accompanies its word, the knight with so tender and exquisite feeling checks manage king beagle to be able to feel loneliness is mixed very easily accordingly alone.

Feed in daily raise in, should have right amount flesh everyday kind, according to the size of bodily form, want to feed 120-250 gram commonly, add additionally add the dry maigre makings that waits for a quantity or biscuit again.

Dog of the king that check put in order is very clever, study ability is strong, can add training more at ordinary times, it can learn a lot of movements.

Like an activity, the motion that should make sure it is certain everyday is measured, when preside goes out to shop or visit friend, might as well also take it one case.